Europa Barbarorum is a total conversion for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms and successor to Europa Barbarorum for Rome: Total War. The aim is to give the player an even better gaming experience compared to EB1 on the RTW engine and a deeper comprehension of the ancient world and its correlations.

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RSS Europa Barbarorum II - Marian Reforms Event Video
Wulfburk12 - - 1,886 comments

Wasnt expecting the marian reform at all. AWESOME :)

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Meldarion - - 45 comments

Gaul: All this posturing and they still haven't invented trousers.
(Gets hit by flaming projectile)
Roman 1: Did we just invent hot pants?
Roman 2: Ho-oh, nice burn mate.
(Romans laughing in unison)

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Renaissance69 - - 37 comments


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GLATechGeneral - - 794 comments

Got Goosebumps, man, this is awesome! I can feel Roman superiority, something that i feel when i was playing RTW for the first time

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Units from Tux, Shields from Gustave, Video by xHolyCrusader with help from Rafkos. EBII presents the Marian Romans