Eternal War: Shadows of Light is a hard hitting, action packed first person shooter that challenges the player with intelligent demons and creative puzzles. Created by Two Guys Software (now known as XrucifiX). Full multiplayer support so that you can play with your friends online against the demon hordes in a its multiplayer mode. Prepare for the Flood! Using models and monsters from the popular Quake 2: Dawn of Darkness Mod by WardSix Entertainment!

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nimcor3 says

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It's a challenging older game, destroying demons is always a cool thing to do. Gameplay is like 2016 Doom, toned downed in AI, graphics and gore content. Story is good, I had fun, but can be very glitchy at times. Maybe one day I will beat this, it's just that the enemies, can take a lot of health from you and give you a game over. I recommend this for skilled PC gamers.


Lord_Reven says

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This game is awesome. Just needs a few patches like fixing the enemies run animation, and seems blue mana fills both green and blue weapons, also it seems like there is no real damage difference with all of the first 4 weapons.