Escape: Paradise is the first in a series of Crysis mods that focuses on utilizing the full potential of the CryEngine 2 for the purpose of creating a large, open, exploration/survival based game. No invisible walls, no goals except to escape, almost total freedom.

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A quick update to give you guys an idea what's going on, and how close to release the mod/map is.

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UPDATED June 15, 2012

So, I've been rather busy with school midterms and general work, but progress on the mod is still chugging along. Here is a quick breakdown of the percentage various components, and how much I estimate I've gotten done on them. I'll update this list as I go along, every week or so, so keep checking back to see how it's going.

The actual map and "natural" environment: over 90% done
"Man-made" installations and bases: about 80% done
Entity and enemy placement: about 60% done
Scripting and modding: over 80% done
Sound design + music: 90% done

OVERALL: 80% complete

So, just over halfway, but with my release date optimistically placed at July 1st, 2012, I should still be able to make the deadline. I've managed to overcome some rather big issues, and the game is now playable, although it's rather underpopulated and boring, as there aren't many entities to interact with... yet :D

From what little bits I've played, it's rather challenging to defeat even a small group (three) of NK soldiers. This is what I've been aiming for, I want to make entering combat voluntarily a path you take only under dire circumstances. Having no nanosuit and playing on Delta difficulty really pushes even a gamer like me to my limits. Took me upwards of 20 tries to defeat the aforementioned soldiers, and I only did it by distracting them with a flare late at night and luring them away from each other, where it was easy to pick them off one by one.

One last thing, I want 5 beta testers for around June (July) 1, 2012, to thoroughly test and help squash any bugs. The total play-time will be about 30 minutes minimum (if I really rush), up to 5-10 hours if you take time to explore most of the island, and evaluate several different ways off of the island. For your efforts, you'll get a spot in the credits, my undying thanks and love, and dibs on testing any other projects I may be working on. Leave a comment below, or PM me if you're interested. All you need is a some time, and email address you check on a semi-regular basis, and a love for gaming.


I can be a beta tester but I can only be after June 12

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Slayer_2 Author

Alright, thanks guys.

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