Escape: Paradise is the first in a series of Crysis mods that focuses on utilizing the full potential of the CryEngine 2 for the purpose of creating a large, open, exploration/survival based game. No invisible walls, no goals except to escape, almost total freedom.

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I feel I should further clarify what exactly this mod/map combo is, read on for more.

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1: Just what is Escape: Paradise?
E:P is a custom map and mod combo for Crysis, really, it's a full new game. The game is based around survival and exploration on an island. It is a true sandbox game, with several ways to escape the island, each resulting in different ending cinematics.

2: What is the goal of the game?
As stated above, your only "objective" is to escape. There are multiple ways to do this, some safer than others, at the cost of time. One obvious way to escape would be to get a boat. However, it's not that easy, your boat will need a lot of fuel to make the trip, and you'll have to scavenge that from the island. And don't try swimming, the sharks will get you.

3: Why make this kind of mod?

I'm tired of conventional shooting games that pit you against a slew of weak, stupid enemies in prettied-up corridors. Not all shooter games are like this, of course, but it seems to be the winning formula these days. On top of that, I feel that the Cryengine 2 is perfect for a sandbox-style game focused on large, open exploration, high levels of interaction with the environment, and it has lots of power as well, which is nice.

4: Will there be combat in E:P?
Of course, although fighting is not 100% required, there are plenty of NK patrols and bases which you may attack for ammo/food/loot, vehicles, or just for the hell of it. Ammo and weapons are rare, though, so even though 1-2 bullets will kill anyone, you'll want to conserve as much as you can... you never know when you might need it.

5: You mention survival, what is there to that, besides dodging NK rounds?
Your character will lose health points over time (the HP is really more of a hunger meter, since one shot will kill you in most cases). Depending on difficulty, you can survive maybe 20-30 minutes without eating anything. One item of food will completely restore your HP.

6: No nano-tech, eating, avoiding combat, is this a realism mod?

Yes, and no. The game will handle much more realistically than Crysis, but I am not going as in-depth with needs and such as I have in my other mods (such as Fallout 3 Reborn). However, I am trying to make the game very in-depth and immersive by making a visually-appealing environment, a high level of interactivity (such as using beds, flares, refuelling vehicles).

7: How about some back-story?
Nothing is concrete yet, but the story this far is you are a prisoner of the NK army and they have been "interrogating" you in their secluded bunker on this island. You manage to escape during a small earthquake that destroys a portion of the facility, killing your guard and allowing you to run out of the facility. Now you most escape the island, while dodging the patrols sent out after you.

Stay tuned, I'll keep updating with new pics and videos every few days. A demo should be out in a few months, although I'm contemplating keeping it under wraps till it's 100% done. I'd put an ETA at about 4 months from now, if all goes well. Post any comments or questions you have below!


You said you can survive 20-30 minutes without eating but in real life a man can survive without eating 40 days but he will lose his strenght

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Slayer_2 Author

The timescale is upped to about 10-15x faster than real life. So you can experience the day/night cycle in it's full glory.

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