"My name is Catherine Bathory, I am a highly respected of the royal elite. A few months ago a knight on a white horse came and told me that what what should not happen has happened. My beloved husband had been killed in the wars. From that point my life went more gray and cold for every day, and the servants left or vanished, one by one..."

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Finished with this one!

Story: ✔
I really liked the story. It may not be that unique, but it was surely interesting: 8
(Voice acting: 7)

Mapping: ⁓
Could have been just a bit better. First maps were quite bad to be honest, but it got improved when getting close to end: 6

Scare factor: ✕
Nope- not scary at all. Only part which was a bit scary was the underground part: 4

Atmosphere: ✔
It wasn't cuttable with knife, but otherwise just fine ^^: 7

Puzzles: ✕
Not that hard at all, actually very easy: 4

Bugs / Texture Glitches: ✔
Found none! 10 ^^

Music: ⁓
Didn't actually impress me at all. One area had fitting music, otherwise just no. 5/10

Creativity: ⁓
Same thing with the mapping- bland at some areas, well yet some areas were very creative. 6/10

Final words:
Overall this custom story was decent. Could have been better by many aspects tho.

Score overall: 5 = ⁓


StevenTasiopulos says

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It was ok but cliche.

Quite good actually,not many key puzzles and i really liked the lever puzzle.

It wasn't there and i was not immersed either.

|Level Design|:
Generic and really boring and out of place.

Normal Amnesia stuff,wasn't impressed.

The first encounter was quite scary,good job.

3 Endings i think?Good job.But with how the story unfolded and ended i wasn't satisfied.

|Creativity|:Had some ideas,nothing more.

|Voice Acting|:
Not good not the worst.you tried so that's a plus.

|Lenght|:Short,should have been shorter.

This was a great custom story with a great gameplay, story and ending!! I know that I am late but I want to let you know that I enjoyed this story to death! Thank you!



That was amazing! I absolutely loved this mod. I really hope to see more from Vradcly!

Great map

10 - just because of the lovely details and voice acting.
The environment was beautiful too.


Meki says

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This was good.
But the glitching pipe ruined it. And the map section with two grunts was of no use or was it?
I also didn't need the dagger, was it there just for the story (when she held a dagger).


scared the **** out of me...

good but too short for me

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