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New classes:

Radio class - Bring up your binoculars, and call in coordinates for your mortar man, and punish your enemy with precision!

Mortar class - Receive exact coordinates from your radio buddy, or manually adjust your mortar sights for both near, and far to give support for your team.

Support Gunner class - Provide heavy weapon support for Marines, Imperial Japanese Army, Germans, and Russians.

Support Gunner Features:

Marines - Browning 30. Cal - Go prone with iron sights, or shoot from the hip.

Japanese - Type 92 (Woodpecker) - A mobile machine gun nest that gives great support for your team, that you can also manually move to other locations.

Japanese - Type 99 - Go prone with iron sights, or shoot from the hip.Germans - MG42 - Go prone with iron sights, or shoot from the hip.

Russians - PTRS41 - Go prone with iron sights, and shoot through heavy armored tanks just like what this gun was originally meant for during the days of WWII.

Russians - DP-28 - Go prone with iron sights, or shoot from the hip.

Flame Thrower - Realistic flame thrower with actual range of the ones used in WWII.

Army Engineer - Is one of your teams tanks, or vehicles down, and needs repairs? No problem! Just go up to it with your wrench, and repair it! (Similar to BF1942)

Medic - Help your injured teammates by going up to them and giving them a health pack, or if they are critically injured you can inject them with morphine!

Japanese Rifleman - Bring honor to the Emperor and Japan, by selecting a katana sword, and BANZAI attacking the enemy! (Press melee key) Chop off arms, legs, and even heads!

Realistic Weapons - Every weapon in ERM is realistically modified for recoil, sound, and accuracy for that era.

Russian SMG Class - PPS43 - Straight from CoD2, and back on WaW. This weapon features a very nice rate of fire.

Marines SMG Class - Grease Gun - Also straight from CoD2, and back on WaW. Great alternative gun to use that has 32 rounds.

Japanese - Type 5 - To bring balance to the game for the Japanese side there is a Type 5 semi automatic rifle which rivals the Marines's M1 Garrand. As some of you historian buffs know this gun wasn't developed by the Japanese until very late in World War 2, but was indeed made, and in some cases used.

New Gametypes:

Katana Fight - A free for all gametype in which everyone is equipped with Katana swords. Very fun!

Base Assault - A tank battle gametype very similar to the one that was much loved in Call of Duty: United Offensive, but much better imho.

Assault - Basically the Demolition gametype from BlackOps, but just named Assault.

New Killstreak - Airstrike - Get 5 kills and call in a squadron of planes to airstrike a designated target!

Dynamic foilage - Watch the environment move through the balance of nature!

New Tanks - Tanks are more realistic, and have new features such as realistic turrets, and realistic top gunner movement.

There is a lot more to the mod so come in and see for yourself! Need a server to play the mod on? You can host one for yourself, or you can come play on DPG's server which runs great! Here is the info:

[DPG] ERM 2.1 Final

We all realize that CoD5: World at War doesn't have the following CoD4 does, but for some of you who have dismissed CoD5 in the past for w/e reason please give this mod a try. A lot, of time, and effort has been put into it, and we are hoping to get a lot more people back into the game through this mod.

If you are impressed with this mod please tell your friends. Word of mouth works wonders! Thanks for reading up about ERM created by the amazing Zweimann, and see yah in the DPG server most likely! :)

For a complete list of videos, and other news just visit:

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ERM is back!!!


Look for the following server in your in game browser:


Or open up your console and type the following:


Here is our gametracker page as well:

We usually get traffic on this server between the times of 8PM EST - 11 PM EST.

Hope to see you all there and long live ERM!!! :)

New Official ERM Server

New Official ERM Server

News 3 comments

After having a hard time getting the old ERM server going we decided to move it to DPG's primary CTF server since that was an already well established...

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ERM 2.1 Full Client Side Files

ERM 2.1 Full Client Side Files

Full Version 22 comments

This contains the full client side files that are necessary to play the ERM mod for CoD5: WaW.

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make a mod where the player can see their body when they look down

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

it is impossible in this cod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Unfortunately it downloads 3 files and crashes in that part !!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this mod affect SP as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are there any server files for making our own servers?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you post a visuals and sounds only version of this mod? Or could you tell me at least where you put the sounds in the mod so I can install that portion into COD files?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DPGmaximus Creator

Unfortunately I can't because that was hard coded into the actual mod.ff when it was compiled. You would need the source files for that. You can try reaching Zweimann for that stuff, but last I heard he lost the original source files to ERM when he was working on the Redline mod project. Sorry...

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why doesnt the server in the article post run ERM?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DPGmaximus Creator

Because we need to run it on another server since most people who played on that server wanted to play the stock version with custom maps. I wish everyone preferred ERM, but they do not. I am working on setting up a separate server for ERM and will post when it is ready, but it is going to take a few days if not longer. Sorry.

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