A huge mod project containing new icons, sounds, taskbars, textures, army schemes, maps and more.

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I'm creating a new mod that will host all of my modding efforts.

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So I'm here to announce the development of a new mod I'm working on that will host all of my work from now on. Instead of releasing assets built around the game's content, I've decided to instead just rework the game itself for the mods I have in mind. It's called the Redux Mod and here's some planned features:


  • The user interface is getting a complete make over. The mod will only be friendly to aspect ratios of 1920 by 1080. All icons originally stretched in this ratio will be condensed back into perfect squares again. Extra slots have been provided to the command menu (even more for the structure list) to make room for any additional content. All movement and stance icons have their own bar as well to keep things less crowded (more space for abilities). The taskbar texture is also being divided up into single assets to keep everything at a higher resolution.


  • The painted icons are making a comeback, although they won't be worked on as much since they rely on the models being polished up (which is also in the works). Once a model has been properly reskinned, new opportunities open up for existing icons which will be made along side them.
  • As mentioned before, models are being reskinned and I do hope to eventually cover other assets to provide as new content. When I do rework a model, I plan to provide other things like additional cosmetics and weapon options.
  • Tips and other strings are being organized and rewritten so information on units, research and more go into more depth.
  • Camera distance has been extended and all maps have reworked fog values to accompany this. The distance is just the right amount for players to not see the edges of maps usually. Also including the new maps I've made in the past as well as new skyboxes.
  • Audio from the original game will no longer be global! Soulstorm has a huge number of audio issues where sounds have no distance attached to them so audio carries over even when the camera is far away from the sound being played. I'm working to stomp out any instances of this happening.
  • New sounds are being added with the goal at the moment being to diversify redundant audio. For example, instead of having the same "build structure start" audio play each time you start a building, a directory is being made to include multiple sounds so audio will sound less stale.
  • Overall gameplay is getting new features as well. Squad caps are being raised by 50% with unit limits being increased by one. A small amount of detection is being provided to all squads much like UA so units aren't entirely helpless against stealth units. Aircraft can jump a small distance to prevent being stuck on terrain (with animations to help smoothen the transition). All base structures provide area of influence so space for building isn't so cramped. And there's much more that'll be listed in a changelog.
  • Thudmeizer's AI has also been added in as the old computer players were god awful to play against. You'll find the bots to be much harder to fight now.

Overall, this is an outlet where all of my work can be presented and so far, I'm liking how it plays. I'll have a beta released as soon as the UI is fully intact and some gameplay choices have been ironed out. Wish me luck!


Yes, please!

I'm especially excited about the new UI

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Good luck!!!

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If the devs of Unification and Strongholds manage to add compatibility patches for their mods to work with this, everything will be perfect in the world.

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Take as much times as you need with this and good luck

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