Be the bad guy in this modification for Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 and step into the boots of a stranded Metrocop, left for dead in the abandoned City 10. Experience a time before the fall of City 17 - 11 months before the deployment of Gordon Freeman. Bring the brutality and chaos of the Combine regime to the hidden rebel sanctuary of City 10. Endure the bitter cold as you fight your way through rebel shanties, infested tunnels and subway systems. Survive the Combine plague, and reclaim the Combine stronghold known as ‘Pillar 10’.

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CW3D says

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------------------------------------ I N T R O D U C T I O N ------------------------------------

Hello fellow online user! You appear to have stumbled upon my review about Entorpy : Zero, a HL2 mod that consists of you playing as a regular Civil Protection Unit who has been stranded in the resistance infested streets and the zombie infested subway tunnels, along with a combine structure overrun by the Vortigaunts! Welcome, to City 10 and prepare yourself for a heck of a time, this mod will kick your ***.

Entropy : Zero is a mod you don't usually see on steam or out in the online community, playing as a unit from the combine, whether it be a soldier, elite or in this case a civil protection unit, its not very common. However, might I note, this is I believe the first combine perspective mod to actually make its way onto steam!

So, if you've been dwelling on the mod's steam page, you may have noticed the negative reviews. I don't blame them, this mod (like I said above) will kick your *** if you're not on your guard and not the first to react and shoot your weapon. Alot of areas need fixing up or polishing, but luckily the developer has not given up on the mod! The mod is soon to get patches and I believe some expansion! But enough of me rambling about... whatever I was rambling on about, let me get onto this review! :D

------------------------------------------ R E V I E W ------------------------------------------

Entropy : Zero is a very difficult mod, it consists on you playing as a pretty squishy CP just like HL2, so you will take hell of alot of damage if you're not carefull. It's not like regular HL2, being an orange tank being able to absorb alot of damage, the mod by default sets you on Hard difficulty (which isn't impossible to complete might I add and is the true way to play) and from what I've noticed is the only difficulty that has been modified to make you feel like a CP, so if you have 100% health, one bullet from an enemy smg will hurt, alot. It will make your health drop by 25% or so, very punishing (so if you have full health which is 100, you'll be on 75 health or so and that depends if you have armour or not). Don't worry though, if you don't want to die so much you can be one of those guys and set the difficulty to Normal or Easy which will assist you alot (might I add, alot of reviews over exaggerate the Normal and Easy difficulties, saying that its nothing different compared to Hard, however that's not the case. It's like if you were playing hl2 again, except you're fighting rebels and vortigaunts, which will do more damage compared to your regular soldiers and cps from hl2).

The mod also tries to teach the player not to rush into combat, you will get yourself killed very very quickly if you do so. You gotta stay low, get behind cover and shoot whatever. This is something alot of players do, which is rush into combat and then complain that the mod is too hard. You're suppose to think about what you're doing and how you're going to avoid getting yourself killed instead of blindly and thoughtlessy rushing in to kill the enemy. You gotta play the mod carefully.

Entropy : Zero has alot of cool things added into it, including nightvision/metrovision, a manhack weapon (which allows you to deploy manhacks), a voice for the player's character and new music, along with other things that I didn't mention.

There is a section in the game which was super difficult for me (that was on my first full playthrough of the mod on hard, its now not as hard now that I know what to do, etc) and that was Chapter 3 - Low. I not only on the very first map of that chapter have to compete with zombies and headcrabs, but also had to compete with my fps and that was on the very first map of that chapter! Might I add while I'm on the topic of fps problems, I don't think the mod is well optimized, you will experience performance issues sometimes and sometimes you won't. Anyways, I died so many times on this chapter, on the very first map, that I need to take a breather, take a break. I came back, died a couple times and then finally got to the next map which had much better performance. And then came what I found to be the most frustrating part of the mod, the Stalker escort mission.

I'm starting to reach the character limit for moddb, so if you want the rest of the review you can go to the link here:

--------------------------- F I N A L . S C O R E . & . T H O U G H T S ---------------------------

Anyhow, I enjoyed Entropy : Zero in most areas, it was quite a different experience compared to regular old HL2. I recommend this mod to those who are ready to get their *** kicked and are up for a challange! But I do not recommend this mod to a regular ol' joe who is expecting something like HL2. The mod is very hard, and is meant to be very hard. I give this mod, in its current state, a 7/10.


Blue199 says

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The gameplay is pretty damn awful at times, I must say. Either it puts you against enemies with nearly 100% accuracy that deal insane ammount of damage, forces you through a stealth sequence in which detection means almost instant death, as you can't avoid turret fire (you can't even disable some of them anyway) and you keep getting detected all the time, as HL2's ai is obviously not designed for stealth, or makes you escort a stalker through pitch-black corridors full of zombies with no nightvision.
Maps are full of annoying invisible walls but at one point I could crawl under a train until I got to a black wall at the end of the tunnel, also becasue I had no idea where to go.
Difficulty is pretty high, probably to help the feeling of being a random CP, but it gets incredibly frustrating, instead of challenging (like in case of C.A.G.E.D.), when dealing with rebels and vortigaunts shooting you from across the map, especially during the final boss fight. Again, the mod does no job at telling you what to do at times.
The already infamous stalker escort sequence is the best example of what's wrong with Entropy: Zero's design. First off, you are unable t ouse your nightvision and have to rely on stalker's light and flares. It doesn't help much in cases when zombies just spawn behind your back and you just can't see them. There's also a new variant of fast zombies, which was made speciffically for this sequence, as they never appear again after nor before that part of the game, and the only difference is that these are made dark grey, to make them harder to spot in darkness. Obviously, I ended up cheating my way through this part, just as I did with the stealth sequence.
Another bug, this time during final boss battle. Aside from ridiculous difficulty, there's also that thing, that if you just vaporize the final boss using AR2's energy ball, the NPC will die, but the fight itself will continue indefinitely, until you die.
I don't really have much problems with the story, mostly becasue there is little story to begin with, but there's one moment, when a fellow CP you rescue from rebel outpost betrays you and turns out to be Barney undercover. And here's the question: if he was Barney all along, then why were rebels even holding him in a cell?
I liked the use of Valve's voice lines and some of the protagonist's lines themselves. The ending was awesome too.
Overall I didn't have much fun with it, but it atleast feels pofessional and has *some* good things about it. I had some other things to point out that I already forgot, but I think that's enough, atleast for now. Definitely not the best choice if you want to play a Combine.
Waiting, and hoping, for an update that'll fix atleast some of these issues I described.


Great modification!


Its very polished and very fun!


This is an interesting mod where you play as a combine unit. Weapons are tweaked and stylized a little, plus you can now use manhacks and stun sticks. Not to mention you have a very useful night-vision. Puzzles and combat are typical for Half-Life 2. A couple new enemies here and there. Overall, it's a good play that's pretty much independent from the cannon games.


Elecman7 says

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The damn vorts, how annoying they are, apart from that, hitting citizens and rebels with your electric stick is fun.
Bad cop is the boss.

Just a good mod


TheGlassEmperor says

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In Entropy : Zero, you play the role of a Civil Protection officer (A rather bad cop, as it were, who is actually fully voiced) fighting your way through City 10.

This mod tweaks the feel and damage of the weapons quite a bit; the enemies deal a lot more damage than in vanilla HL2, but so do you.

There's a good number of puzzles around, but in my opinion, a lot of these were made to simply pad out the level, or frustratingly annoying, which isn't helped by them being as cryptic as possible.

In fact, one puzzle in the final level actually broke several times forcing me to reload the level.

There are some cool things about the level design, though. One section has your flashlight disabled due to a short out, so you're accompanied by a Stalker companion with a flashlight, meaning you'll have to rely on it for vision. I thought that was pretty creative.

Overall, Entropy : Zero is a pretty good mod, the gunplay feels solid, but the puzzle sections being so frustrating bring the whole experience down, really.


SPAS-1 says

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Wow. Just... wow. The story of a metropolice guy who has been left for dead in a city is an interesting premise.

The mod follows the lore of Half Life perfectly, expanding it into City 10 and telling the story of a bad guy (perhaps hence the name of Bad Cop) who tries his best to get out of the city.

However, despite the fact that this is a good mod, I got stuck in some places and had to noclip several times.

Mod is unusual cos there are no many mods that let you play the other side of the conflict. I think, it’s one of the best mods about combine's side, at least, until EZ 2 is unreleased:) Yes, I know about other mods, but seriously, these mods not so quality as EZ. As far as I know, Human Error is very good too, but it isn't according to canon. Let's take a look at the merits of this mod. 1) atmospheric locations 2)good AI 3) difficult gameplay (for me it's plus) 4) meticulous work on deteils 5) own story that harmoniously fits into the universe of Half Life 6) some references and achievements. For myself I found out only valid disadvantage is lack of joint operations with combines as in beginning of the game, but I know it will be fixed in second part. For me, man who waited for Combine Destiny 2 so long time, Entropy Zero became joy.

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------------------------------------ I N T R O D U C T I O N ------------------------------------ Hello fellow online user! You appear to have stumbled upon my review about Entorpy : Zero, a HL2 mod that consists of you playing as a regular Civil Protection Unit who has been stranded in the resistance infested streets and the zombie infested subway tunnels, along with a combine structure overrun by the Vortigaunts! Welcome, to City 10 and prepare yourself for a heck of a time, this mod will kick…

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