Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord Is a total conversion both single (you can play the single players campaign and a special tutorial) and multi-player game modification for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts that emphasizes tactical combat, realism, and historical accuracy by allowing players to command and deploy company size forces throughout the Normandy Overlord Campaign, players get to create and command authentic WW II Battalion Level formations. Through the advantages of the Relic essence engine players can enjoy a new game experience with many dynamic features that emphasize tactical command and control and exploits the dynamic elements of the living soldiers system by providing player squads many new ability enhancements which allow players to execute advanced tactical combat strategies, players can also execute squad level tactical orders and unit abilities in a smoother more intuitive way.

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Very interesting mod with a shitload of unique things I never seen before. Great graphics overall and very versatile and handy infantry groups. Only downs that I found were some annoying CTDs and some requirement rules at axis and us buildings, which prevent the AI from proper base building. Elite works fine, Brits I haven't tested so far. But with some work this could be an excellent mod!

If they can take some small bugs and the continuing crash in Skirmish game this MOD is Fantastic. Gameplay outstanding! The MOD is well maintained, and with small improvements will be one of the best.

Good , but also need more improvements :)

Looks good. Not bad

Seems like a good mod, go foward man ;)


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