The Star Trek Voyager - Eliter Force: Graphic Overhaul Project(GOP)is a mod, that basically recreates the Voyager with high definition textures and a new OpenGL renderer.

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Due to real life circumstances this project will be a little bit slow down. But no worries I have to announce a massive update. A lot of things have changed. Read further...

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Massive Update

Elite Force: Grafic Overhaul Project


Due to real life circumstances this project will be a little bit slower progressing. But no worries I have to announce a massive update. A lot of things have changed. Basically I reworked most of the LCARS Textures und did a color correction, so that they appear common to the show. But please notice that LCARS color schemes changed during the show. I decided to choose the scheme with a dominating yellow and blue accent. In the question of the textures I have to say thet, well, there is not much left aboard the Voyager. I started to retexture the main characters face animations from real life photos…but…yes a real big job. I am not sure if I can complete this task.

stvoy 2016 05 10 22 18 40 12

reworke LCARS colors on the helm console, all animted

stvoy 2016 05 10 22 19 38 13

same here


The second big thing is that I discovered the shader functionality. I am experimenting with it but now it is possible to change the textures material appearance. For example I was able to give the corridor wall textures a nice little shiny metallic look. Now this 2D texture looks very 3D and together with the new Open GL Renderer you can now see some nice new dynamic lightning on it (see the picture below). But I have not really a clue of shader editing (basically I copy and paste the codes, hoping it will work). So, if YOU have a clue of IDtech 3 shader editing and can assist…please let me know.

stvoy 2016 05 10 22 22 39 28

dynamic light reflection on metallic materials

stvoy 2016 05 10 22 22 14 82

the grey middle texture is still absolutly 2D but looks very 3D now

Another upgrade Project

Last but not least I was contacted by some guys asking me to join their Elite Force Reloaded Project. I am not sure what and how they exactly want to create and there is not much to see on their site but I am looking forward to this. Of course I will assist wherever I can and of course my textures can be used. Trekkies should keep an eye on it:

Elite Force: Grafic Overhaul Project

As usual I have to apologize for my humble English and hope you will be patient furthermore.



Looks good, keep up the great work

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Great news all around. Thanks for the update.

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Nice progress and keep up the good work!
Here is the official id tech 3 shader manual:
You can also use Jackhammer to edit shaders in WYSIWYG manner:

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don_quichote Author

Hi XaeroX, thanks for the manual. I will see if I have time to get in this stuff. Btw. guys...XaeroX developed the QeffectsGL Renderer and made some nice graphic enhancments possible!!!

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don_quichote Author

BTW. click on an image to scale it full. And thank you all for your comments!

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Looks brilliant

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