Elemental is more than a total conversion of the highly acclaimed game Dungeon Siege - it is a completely new game. Nearly every other part of the original Dungeon Siege has been stripped out. Elemental includes a new Item System, GUI, a completely different XP system, true Skill Trees (10 of them, 8 per player character, 10 skills per tree), 3 new races (human, half-tiger, mantis) with totally distinctive racial skills, UI, and even (in the case of the mantis) items, and much, much more. We have modeled 200+ items, every creature in the game is new: animation, model, texture. Over 1000 new custom nodes and textures for nodes. Monsters can spawn like player characters with completely distinctive skillsets. Even a sky with changing weather and night/day cycles. We call Elemental's theme Biblepunkā„¢. The game is set in an alternate mythical version of ancient Judea that is gritty, mean, profane, full of thieves and Romans and whores. Come check us out at

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Elemental Alpha 1 released; manual online

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Better late than never, we finally got around to updating the Elemental Page on Moddb. Although the Alpha 1 10% and patch for Alpha 1 have been out for...

Elemental Release - October 21

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A quick update; we'll be launching the first 10% Elemental release on October 21. Expect lots of patching :) . A rough estimate on the size is 180-200megs...

pictures and goodies

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First, thanks to ModDB for being such an invaluable service. We're approaching an internal milestone for all code being feature complete. Next few weeks...

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