The Battle for Middle-earth has just begun! The Edain Mod returns to the classic gameplay of the first Battle for Middle-earth, reimagined with countless new heroes, units and abilities. Journey deeper into Tolkien's world than ever before, relive the movies through meticulously crafted visuals and forge your path to victory in epic strategic battles. Follow your destiny... Middle-earth awaits.

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I've played an extensive variety of game mods across many platforms and series, yet I have to say the amount of care and detail taken to this mod is simply unfathomable. They have taken a classic game, merged the best worlds of BFME and BFME2 + ROTWK. This mod is incredible, the sheer amount of added content, via units and buildings rivals the vanilla created games on their own. The additional content inspired by the Hobbit series was so well integrated, that you wouldn't even believe this was a mod. This mod seamlessly integrates lore friendly faction units, subfactions, buildings and packages it in a much more strategically difficult fashion that requires you to do more than simply place towers everywhere and garrison them with archers. The effective use of the counterunits, as well the varying types of heroes makes it simply a pleasure to learn and new team and challenge enemies. Learning the best strategies to play each time made this so enjoyable that I literally put down all my new games to play this one. I thoroughly enjoyed this one from day one, between the diverse armies, factions, heroes, beautifully handcrafted visuals, to the unique revamped spellbooks and the audio that made up each team, I'd greatly recommend this to any newcomer looking to play an amazing new twist on an older strategy game. Props to the edain team for keeping this going and putting some incredible work into this game. I will say though that there are afew minor glitchs and bugs that can at times call for a tidbit of frustration. Gates not working, to teams spawning buildings beyond the LOS edge of the map that prevents them from being defeated, and of course the crashes that seem prevalent with multiplayer involving windows 10. Other than this though, utterly flawless.

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You could think im exxagerating the value of this mod,but i can only tell you : try with your hands. Edain mod is without any doubt the best RTS based on the LotR series,and,but this is just my opinion,the best RTS overall. While being much more true to tolkien than any other EA's work,it combines great complexity with good-balance in an excellent way. But what,above all things,makes this mod stand out are the models of the units,heroes and buildings,just take a look to the gallery on the site…

Oct 19 2010 by TheMost