Do you enjoy playing in the dark? Don't forget to bring your flashlight! As Epic didn't bring Unreal DarkMatch to Unreal Tournament, someone had to do it. DarkMatch Lives "Eavy has resurrected one of my favorite gametypes for Unreal1. Darkmatch was largely thrown into Unreal1 as an afterthought, something experimental, but this UT mod is now the real deal. It's like Hide and Go Seek in the Dark... with Guns!" -- Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer, Epic Games Inc. "Anyone who's interested in a new/old way to play Unreal/UT should check out this: Eavy's DarkMatch is a REALLY cool way to run around in the dark hoping you'll kill someone :) Remember, not being seen is as important as seeing!" -- Alan Willard, Level Designer, Epic Games Inc. Mod configuration menu options Activate Light: Manual instead of automatic activation. Colored Light: Light color equals team color. Flash Light: Use flashlight instead of searchlight. Player Light: Glow while...

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