I have added 2 new rotating polls. Please take some time to answer them, you will find them at the bottom of many pages in this site. Now all you have to do is find them...

Finally the site is up and running! After much work I can proudly say that all Chaos's (The layout artist) and my work has finally paid off. So feel free to have a browse through the website and enjoy.

AA news: Although the progress bar has failed to move in a while I can assure you the AA is coming along quite well. After the skip from 1.9 straight to 2.0 in the ER version numbers, all of the ER staffs work has been able to be directed to 2.0.

The meter for 2.0 is currently at 76%: Asian Alliance (official)

I am also happy to announce that Eagle has found a much anticipated new money source for the AA, as I'm sure most of you who voted on our poll would notice that was the most important things ppl wanted added to the AA.

Many of you who don't know will be happy to find out that the AA will have a very special control panel which adds all the things the ER fans selected (I will give you more on this as things are finalised)

Eagle announced that he would most probably make some special videos for the AA's release, no one knows yet what they might be like, but we anticipate with all of Eagles computing experience that they should be very good.

p.s. I am aware of the problem with the pics in the review, but all the ones missing their you will find on the screenshots page...

Alright Welcome to ERF 2.0: We have delivered everything we promised to have so make sure to look around... The new site has:

About 150 new screenshots ( of the AA, these include all of the new AA units (in action)), so this should be quite a treat!

An ERF map pack: I made this map pack specially for you. It contains 4 specially built maps for ER, which are all highly tested.

New layout - By Chaos - This is a cool looking layout which will go onto the new ERF 2.0 site... The new site will be located here ( www.planetcnc.com/eagleredfan )

Matrix transcript - just to keep you entertained - and a supposed script of the upcoming matrix...

An AA beta mission movie (since I think I will make mission movies for the AA). This will be a more or less rough beta...

An AA review - What would an AA site be without a review?... I have made one up for now, and I will make more up as the progress of the AA continues.

And of course more (but I'll let you search for that...)... Including playing observations... ...

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Eagle Red!


Welcome to the site of "the ultimate unofficial expansion set for Red alert 2". :)

Eagle Red takes the gameplay of RA2 and YR to a new level as it adds a lot of new units, buildings and gamemodes. It also improves the AI a lot to make the skirmish games a lot more challanging.

Eagle Red is designed to be a skirmish mod but it can also be used in multiplayer. On a LAN or on the internet. No support has been added for the single player campaigns though, so those might not work as you might expect.

The Eagle Red Team is also working on a totally new side called the Asian Alliance. This will be featured in Eagle Red AA 2.0 and will replace Yuri's side. This side comes with a whole new army of new tanks, infantry, aircraft, naval units, defensive buildings and superweapons. Check the Asian Alliance planning pages on the left to see the progress.

And don't forget to check out the Forums as well. A lot of ideas and units are discussed there before they are added to the mod. Sneak peaks and screenshots of the Asian Alliance can also be found on the forums. And don't worry, we're newbie friendly... ;)

So enjoy your stay on the site and have fun with the mod. We hope to you see next time... :)

Eagle Red Staff

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I am looking for eagle red mod for red alert 2 without yuri's revenge installed
Someone please send it over to my mail at sabby10@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

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While what you say is true in terms of reality, the ER universe differs from that. During the war against Yuri, Asia was largely uninvolved, and Japan never attacked the PRC or created an empire. Because Asia was largely unaffected by the war, was at peace with itself, and saw the chance to become a great power, the Asian Alliance was formed.
The reason they use chaos weapons is because they were stolen from Yuri's Army. If you recall, Yuri's submarine refueling station/launch site was in the South-East Pacific. After the Soviets left the area, the Chinese (then allied with the Soviets) sent a covert team to steal the technology. Soon after the Chinese proposed an alliance with the Japanese. They accepted, and provided the Alliance with biological weapons, like the Tsunami aircraft carriers. As soon as the Allies and Soviets realised what was going on, they immediately declared war on the Alliance, at which point the Koreans joined in response. The Koreans were able to provide the Alliance with superior air power. To deal with the new threat, the Chinese started work on their flamethrower armour and infantry. Through collaborative work, the Alliance was able to develop more advanced technology like railguns and plasma-based weaponry.

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Incorrectly designed,
this mod is extremely off the topic of the american realism to terminate connumism, not to conquer any ore fields that could be mined. Also, the asian allaince could'nt me formed by Yuri's forces. Chaos energy and mechnics make the mod furthermore unrealistic, chinese empire never actually used any biological weapons (AND will not). Oh, Yeah, one more thing. The Japanese empire and the Chinese won't get along very well (even if Yuri makes them, hee, hee). No point in using ion technology which is in order of USA (created by it). And I thought they were in international peace.

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By Nexus6 | Fri 16th Sep, 2005 @ 3:41:09am


Try this link

Thank You Thank You Thank You

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I have red alert 2 and yuri's revenge on a single cd, and as i try to install the mod for eagle red from a cd i bought or just install it after I download it, it doesnt seem to install and tells me that it couldn't find red alert2 on my computer?? So is their any way to play it, especially after i heard alot about this mod, and i would like to know if their is a newer version for download, thanks.

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if u want the mod, email or pm me...i've got 1.5, 1.8, 2.0a, just tell me what u want and i'll send it

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need the 1.5 v of red alert 2
could anybody pls send it to me
i really enjoyed playing it

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can you post the mod version 2.0a please?
cuz i really liked the orig eagle red.. thx

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Why isnt there a download here? i could only find it on the RA2 games page because someone included a link to it.

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Damn ZP that's pretty harsh...idk about u but i actually enjoyed playing v1.5...and actually there was a 2.0a released featuring the aa, but it was incomplete.

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