This is a small Deus Ex modification that counts different player statistics during the gameplay. I mainly intended it for people who want to do ghosting and like to keep track of their performance during the playthrough. At the start of the new game player will receive an item called PPM (personal performance monitor) in his inventory. The item description will show various player stats.


This release adds potential alerts count (it goes up once an enemy sees the player but has not yet identified him as a threat).

DXStats v3

Your work is much appreciated. I'm always looking for reasons to return
to Deux Ex. And you just gave me one. It's unbelievable what an intense
experience Deus Ex was, when it came out. Making notes on paper was still
a normal thing when playing games. Haha, I remember having a folder full
of stuff under the desk. Thank you for what you're doing and I hope
everything's going well for you!

Kind regards,

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Does it work with mods like New Vision, Nihilum or The Nameless Mod?

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