Duke Nukem Eternity is a complete story driven 7 level episode for EDUKE32

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The mod itself is great and all, but the creator of the mod, well that's a different story.
The creator is nothing but a selfish scumbag arsehole who only gives a **** about money and complains like a little bitch about not getting any, this caused him to remove the mods download from its page.

Do not support this guy, he is nothing but scum and doesn't deserve anything with his attitude towards the modding community.

Duke Nukem Rocks

After removing the downloads this now deserves a 1 star rating.
Having some ego power trip is no excuse.

You can still download it from this link.


mmarko0312 says

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Duke nukem best games

The creator is an ******* that only cares about money.

Making this mod Polymer-exclusive was a terrible idea.

Looks brilliant w/ good gameplay, but FPS is poor and it keeps skipping frames.


This was a very good MOD, but was disappointed to find that it no longer supports Radion graphics cards in the later versions. This should be remedied, till then it gets a 7 from me. :-(


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