Marble rolling puzzle fun!

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All it needs is more levels with as much thought put into them as the existing levels.

Unique mod experience! I enjoyed playing it :)
It would be nice to have more levels and higher quality models, but it was above average for a mod :)

Hope it get's more levels!


I liked this mod a lot. The maps offer an entertaining experience but I would like to see some more challeging puzzles. I would also suggest when you "equip" the jumping ability on your ball, the texture should change like the other transformations. Maybe to something like a baskett ball(or any surface that suggests a bouncing ability).

One of the best HL2 mods! Actually it's not a mod, its an indie game ;)!

This proves how creative modders can be :)

this is a pretty cool source mod but it gets 9/10 cause its short


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Dreamball has some nice puzzles, and some good music.
The levels are a bit short but offer some fun.

The Orbhunt is really lame though :)

Try it here :
(dont forget to download the patch)

Nice time killer.


Nice mod! :D

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