My Second TC which is a sequel to my first TC, Rising Evil. Double Trouble contains menu of the features that appeared in Rising Evil and much more, such as:
* Spear of destiny engine;
* Floor and ceiling textures;
* Over 30 levels;
* New enemies and bosses;
* Outdoor Atmosphere;
* Shading;
* And Many more.......


As the war raged on Dr Schabbs starts to put his develish experiments to work, continously sending them into a neverending battle to kill every ally, but as all the plans of the nazi regime start to fall into line, B.J. steps in destroying Dr Schabbs, his plans, his undead army of Aero Drones and his dream to help Hitler rule the world.

As all hope fail for the Nazi Regime, rumours start to rise again of another evil experiment going on. It has been heard that these experiments are being done by the twin brother of the late Artz Schabbs, an evil doctor by the name of Franz Schabbs.

It's 1945, and Franz Schabbs has continued with what his brother started and in his conquest to create a stronger Nazi regime he has also stolen the Spear of destiny (out from underneath the noses of its keepers) with the help of Hitler's most loyalist soldgier, a man by the name of Herr van Schintz.

Amongst these deadly experiments the evil Dr Schabbs has created a stronger band of undead mutants, that have been programmed to kill every Ally that gets in the way of Franz Schabbs.

With the help of the Spear, Franz Schabbs plans are not only to create a group of undead fighting machines, but also to resurrect his brother in order to help Hitler rule the world and destroy every Ally alive, hence the Allies giving this evil plot the name "Double Trouble".

It has been heard that these experiments are being done in a castle not far from the city Dusseldorf, where the nazis are enslaving the local peasants, not only to put them to work, but to turn them into a deadly mean fighting machines.

This castle is situated on a mountain top and its easiest access point is through the caves found in the mountain, which you'll be able to intrude via the forest surrounding the mountain, and be careful as there are many traps found through out the forest and the inner levels of the castle.

Your mission is to infiltrate the nazi castle, destroying Dr Schabbs deady creations, and the evil doctor himself and to retrieve the spear before he fully uses it, to its capacity and brings his brother back to life.

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It has been released


Double Trouble is finally out, it has not been posted on my site as of yet, but you'll be able to find it on the Wolfenstein Dome.

DT will posted on my site as soon as I have more time to update it.

Final Finishes


Double Trouble is finally in its 90% status, within the next week, it'll be in the hands of my beta testers, making sure there's no bugs, or...

Back to it


Well from being 80% finished, then down to 60% finished due to a back, were gladly to announce that were back to 80% finished. All the levels have been...

Bugged Backstep (Damning Delays)


Oh well, just as I reached 80% I found a serious bug which is causing the enemy coding a problem, which I'm unable to find a solution, to which has now...

Far from Finish


I thought I was 90% finished, but from just recently looking at all the stuff that still needs to be done, I'm only 70% finished. Here's an overall completion...



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Some of the new screenshots on DHW and your site are seriously excellent. I'm looking forward to this one, too! *sigh* so many cool Wolfenstein mods coming up...

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Keep up the fine work!

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I've played Rising Evil and it was great, I hope the sequal is great too!

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