Story: The year is 2832, Earth is going to its fall. Many citys has been destroyed. You are a man called Edvard Jones. Your parents was killed in a hoover accident, so your closest relative has bring up you, until now. You live in a city called Rodor. You are on the way home from your work, when you hear a explosion. You run out and see that the whole city is destroyed. When you stand there you see a room in a building that still is light... Fact: 1. This is not a Black Mesa copy, we have custom textures and models.

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Having completed Doomed-Life, I honestly cannot say if this was a troll mod or not...

Right from the very start the level design is frustrating, requiring you to complete a series of jumps on a floating city street full of holes. After that you are warped to Chile, 1998 BC? But a 1998 BC where there were grunts and assault rifles and you basically enter Black Mesa. From this point on, you're basically playing a regular sub par Half-Life mod.

However, the final third of the mod sees you going through a series of bizarre level changes, seemingly out of the blue. You are taken to a cartoon realm of MSPaint textures and instant kill deathtraps, then you are taken back to your cell, then you're in a city and the mod ends...

Throughout the mod, there are considerable stretches where you are given NO health kits at all. So you have to slog through a number of grunt fights with 20HP or less. It's also VERY common to find a headcrab directly behind a vent cover or some other breakable barrier, so be very wary of that. Other than that, your basic goal is to find the buttons that explode the thing blocking the way forward. That's it. Find the button, explode the thing, repeat.

Overall, this was downright annoying to play through and I'm frankly quite glad that it's over. Uninstalled!

+Combat is somewhat decent.
+Ammo is fairly scarce although you don't do much fighting.
+Some levels are decent like the first one.
+Medium length.

-Very inconsistent
-Level design is decent to under average
-Levels are really short
-Moving from one level to another has little logic, it all just seems rather random, the path you take. Usually by blowing a hole in the ground (yeah original).
-Ending is strange, level transitions are oddly placed.


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sucker ****** mod


Barely any monsters. Barely anything in this mod.

Really dull with very little combat and a story flimsier then a house with wafer cookies for foundations.

Your time is better spent elsewhere.


Didn't like it :(




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