May 24, 2177 A.D. You are on a transport vessel heading towards Mars. You have been in the Marines for 15 years, and served the planet loyally. You were just promoted and your first mission was a distress call from Mars. Every one of your friends has gone to Mars, and said the distress calls were basically routine. By that, you thought there was nothing to worry about. The ship entered the atmosphere and then landed at one of the ports. A sandstorm was just picking up, so you were losing visibility as you walked into the giant facility. Inside was like any building on Earth. You dropped your luggage off and followed your group. They all went into the General's office, the man who was controlling the military activity on Mars. He gave you the low-down of what they needed to do. An accident had happened in one of the lower engineering platforms. It wasn't anything serious, but it was causing repercussions that cut half of the building's output. You had to go to a remote part...

RSS Merry Christmas, Happy Release!

Here is the release of the fixed up engine for Doom LOH. Enjoy

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I finished the project, and I hope that you appreciate the engine features and work into the mod. I continuous state the maps are nowhere near challenging or tricky. Lots of bad guys, especially in Episode 1. 2-4 are much easier. I hope to receive criticism on the game, so I can learn from it and improve. Since I have been working hard at better game design, I want to use this as an advantage and provide amazing mods from Wolf3D.

Please enjoy this game because I know a lot haven't been able to in the DOS version.

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