conversion of all my assets for Doom 3 bfg Hi Def mod to vanilla Doom 3, ROE and Sikkmod

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LOZ_98 says

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Good to see the mod make it's way to Vanilla Doom 3.


BlueLostsoul says

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Actually, very good and surprisingly underestimated mod. I liked how author had included only the exact content (textures/models) without any shaders or postprocessing effects, that may cause incompatibility with other mods. Yes, this mod is designed to be compatible with other mods first of all, thus, now I have it working with Phrozo 2, what is impossible for other graphic enhancements.
The only thing it's content lack, in compare to Redux, is redrawn GUI (loading screens, PDA, etc.), but improvement of this, I hope, is just a matter of time.

Noticed enemy and NPC AI distortion and not all black boxes are gone, so I recommend to use only textures and models .pk4s, but, still, it's really worth it.


madeOfClay says

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