Doom 3 BFG Hi Def (for BFG edition of game) Higher poly models, tga texture sources, soft shadows and effects. Runs mods. High Definition HD

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This is the real BFG edition! The original release was too poor, now we have the perfection! Excellent work!

This mod works well until we reached level alpha lab sector 1. Could not load alpha lab 1, the game will automatically return to the main menu.
I tried to reinstall the game, I did 3 times to check the files of the game with Steam, re-download and reinstall 2 times the mod. Run as administrator. Nothing work.
Without the mod I have no problem. The alpha lab 1 load correctly in the vanilla game. But when I try to load the level with the mod or when loading a save occurring after Alpha lab 1, it goes directly back to the main menu of the game.

I'm running on Windows 10 64 bits on a Steam version of the game.


amazing simply astounding, the best hd mod yet for doom 3. brings id tech 5 to what should be expected with this engine upgraded version. you can finally succeed in getting your money's worth with the bfg edition!


More, please more! I love Doom 3 BFG edition and i want to play perfected D3 on my huge ************* TV with gamepad. If it possible? cooperate with Absolute HD team to make the huge amazing BFG stuff for all fans.


An homage in the making for the legendary HD mods for the original release of Doom 3. A true throwback to the Doom 3 modding golden age.

This mod is an absolute must have if you are going to play BFG Edition. When BFG Edition was released it was terrible compared to basic texture mods for Doom 3. This mod changes all that by giving Doom 3 the makeover it deserves. I cannot stress how fantastic it is to see all these amazing mods ported over to BFG Edition and see them working in the Lost Missions. Other than the downside of you somehow messing up your game files there is no downside to not having this mod as vanilla gameplay is intact.


This is such fine stuff. I have never enjoyed Doom more, so many issues have been resolved ... This is really starting to be the BFG game that we had hoped for all along. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

A good mod collection for BFG edition users :)

character minimum...

Perfected Doom 3 texture pack
Wulfen texture pack
Monoxead texture pack
AAA Doom high poly models
PHrozo effects
Odds and ends


Just Perfect

Large mod (over 4gb) that when enabled does not drastically improve the look of the game. Some general textures are great but this makes the poor textures, which are common, blindingly obvious. Lighting is mixed, some scenes are great and some are clearly broken. Seems to also be poorly optimized for windows 10, creates long load times that have a 50/50 chance of crashing due to the huge amount of textures being loaded in. Installation instructions are also not very clear and seem to be translated from another non-english language, that while serviceable can make installation or bug-fixing quite tedious. If the majority of textures were improved somewhat, rather than a few drastically, and the installation/bug fixing made clearer this would be above 7/10. But the neglect of some textures, lighting, and wonky experience made me uninstall this mod to go back to Vanilla which is at least visually consistent and more stable despite my beasty machine.

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This is the real BFG edition! The original release was too poor, now we have the perfection! Excellent work!

Aug 6 2015 by _HellBaron_