DOMINATION (aka Powerball) v1.1 ET Domination is a powerball' mod and ctf too. Code updated to 2.60. hitsounds implemented. Speaker announcer implemented (fight! etc) Tackle implemented, stealing the ball from the carrier in Powerball. If you're within a certain distance you can "hand over" the ball to a team mate. Hud updated to show who has the flag or the ball. Added TEAM AXIS or TEAM ALLIES in the hud in in red and blue to make it more obvious what color their team has. CTF added, with proper scoring for assists, defence etc. CTF Flag models created. All maps supports both game types. Some of the standard maps support the new game types, more to come (oasis and fueldump for now). New fancy menus. New fancy loading screen. New fancy ball model. Ball velocity tweaked. ALL maps can now be made to work as a CTF or Powerball map with the new map script commands "create", "remove" and "set" (set was already available in et 2.60) Pluggable...

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