This total conversion intends to bring the Nintendo experience from 1997 to your PC. Created by Fox, Hendricks266 and Nukey. Special thanks to HellFire and SomeThingEviL.

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Seems refreshing.


good to see it for pc ! it misses just 3d models with eduke32 like the classic version :)


Works, looks and sounds perfectly. Had a blast playing it through three times.


Because porting is always a good thing.


Duke Nukem 64 is essentially the same game we all know and love in Duke 3D. But in this port Duke has more of a “Come get some” attitude, less about sex and more of the hardcore *** kicking hero that saves our babes. Not to mention some of the weapons Duke is strapped with have been upgraded/replaced. A plasma cannon that surprisingly makes up for not being a freezer is one scary weapon, another is the grenade launcher that is very similar to the grenade launcher seen in Shadow Warrior. There is also some alternative ammunition’s such as dum dum bullets for the pistol, explosive shotgun shells for the shotgun, and heat seeking missles for your newly looking Missle launcher. Don’t even make me mention how you can save the babes now instead of having to kill them you save them and there is a counter for the number of babes you saved after each level.

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Just epic, imagine if you don't have an N64 and you want to kick *** in Duke Nukem 64, you don't want to download any N64 Emulator, what you do? Download EDuke32, Buy DN3D and download this mod! its pretty epic and entertaining when you're bored and i really love it, everyone that loves DN3D should download this, its like reviving DN64 in an PC whithout the need of downloading an emulator, keep up the great work!

This isnt a mod, this is (technically) a Port of Duke 64 for PC, and it is even better with the PSX Soundtrack addon, download and play it now!

"Eat **** and Die" oops, sorry, i mean "You are the disease and i am the cure!"


I've been following this mod for quite a while and I did some testing on it back in the day. I'm happy to see it's very playable and so faithful to the original. This is a great mod and finally experiencing Duke Nukem 64 with no censorship makes it even more worth the while. Great work guys!

- Trickle aka Furious-D ;)

Remarkable effort, kudos !!!

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