Discovery mod is a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer focused on continuing the story started in the vanilla campaign via the roleplay-driven multiplayer server an community forums. The mod and community currently host the most active remaining multiplayer experience for Freelancer and the mod introduces many new features including but not limited to new ship classes and types, ship equipment, player owned (and built) bases, jumpdrives, cloaking devices and equipment manufacturing as well as the ability to create, run and maintain player-led factions that shape, contribute and are a part of the ingame roleplay environment. This multiplayer-focused mod allows players to immerse themselves in the Freelancer world some time after the Nomad War from the singleplayer experience.

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Report RSS "Triumph" Gallic Royal Navy Destroyer (view original)
"Triumph" Gallic Royal Navy Destroyer
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Not long after wresting control of Leeds from House Bretonia, it became clear to Gallic military leaders that the unrivaled tools of conquest which formed the backbone of the GRN's fleet were ill suited to the much different task of occupation. Resistance on the planet itself became a problem, and the switch from classical naval doctrine to guerilla warfare both in space and on the ground proved difficult for large, unwieldly ships like the Valor and Obstinate to cope with.

Pitching their case to the Crown, military officials expressed their need for tools capable of rapid response and peacekeeping operations. The Triumph class destroyer was Calais Research Facility's answer to this request, with research beginning in 821 AS. OPEVAL was finally completed in late 824 AS, with the Triumph being deployed just in time for Gallia's push on New London.

A marvel of engineering, the Triumph is the only capital ship in Sirius capable of atmospheric flight below 5000 meters, using its octet of VTOL thrusters to maintain altitude. Because of this, its repurposed belly-mounted Warwolf cannon is capable of doing what the Valor's cannot: glassing hard targets planetside without a magnetosphere to degrade its earth shattering beam.

It has been rumored that Calais designed the new frame with a second, more sinister role in mind - scorched earth both on the Bretonian and home fronts, in the event that the Crown were ever to fall.

Model by Barb, featuring cruise animations.

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