This mod is my imagination and comment for Warband. I hope you will like it as well. As creating the mod, my main purpose wasn't making a too large mod but high quality, bugfixed and including very useful features mod so it does not include thousands of items or hundreds of troops but I have tried to make the best looking graphic combination we can get maximum performance, added tens of new animations, hundreds of new models: my models + OSP models that i have remodified almost all of them, hundreds of new sounds, many new scenes, hundreds of fixings and many other features...

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Updating my review after almost a year. The mod has been vastly improved and I definitely don't see any flaws at this stage whatsoever! Thank you for the mod, had hours of fun.

This is the best native theme mod ever :D


Amazing improvements in textures, includes additional items, gameplay feels a lot smoother, and a lot of other great additions... with the exception of the sound effects. All of the other stuff I missed out on.

It may sound profoundly picky of me, but I only played for about 45 minutes because of sound. The bow snap and projectile sounds were particularly bad. The last straw was when I was knocked off my mount and killed, and the sound of an infrantryman from the original Command and Conquer dying rattled in my ears.

There's also this thing with the color. This cannot be blamed on the mod, and it isn't a contributing factor to this review; it's probably my PC; but everything seems very gray. There isn't very much color.

Phenomenally good module. Definitely a 10/10. For me, though, it's a 9/10 because of the sound effects.

what can I say, except that this mod is really great! recommended mod for those who still love the native still but with more features and new armors & weapons, etc!

nice mod

Cant wait for new updates
It is great


greate mod

Nice mod :)
Animations and random maps etc...

really a great Mod

A great Warband mod that enhances the gameplay, with focus on polish rather then sheer size. The troop trees are still like native, but with better and new equipment, all cleverly mixed and matched. The addition of Freelancer and Diplomacy makes this mod worth a try.

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This is the best native theme mod ever :D

Oct 9 2016 by MiloshFull2002