DOOM meets Deus Ex. This map is a love letter to cyberpunk genre as a whole and the Deus Ex franchise in particular. Using the whole new set of custom made textures, the project aims to recreate the look and vibe of an unethical near future corporation run by the forces of hell.

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I get lost more often than i would like, but the gorgeus textures, and nice some really really nice effects made it for me an absolute 10 out of 10


one of the best level design, great textures and music! i want moar :)


Very cool!!!


Simple beautiful, i love it, please do more maps!!!

too short X)

Fantastic level, the only minus one point is because of how short it is. Beautiful architecture, neat looking textures, no confusing level design, cool secrets, flexible gameplay allowing for gameplay mods to wiggle in, just sublime.


Most DOOM maps look good.

This DOOM map looks so good i cant believe it actually exists.

But it does, so off to slay more demons than the hell can shake a stick at.


this is easily the best single map wad I have played! breach was a great map but didn't really bring a lot new to the table. the new textures for the map were great and really added to the feeling of the building being a real place. It would be great to see more maps from this creator and it would be even better to have a megawad from them


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This mod is an incredible tribute to both DOOM and Deus Ex. Not only does it look great, the level design is pretty alright too!


Impressive work on the design. Would love to see that becoming a multi-level WAD.

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