The most advanced TQ mod to date, Diablo 2 Immortal introduces unique new skill mechanics and elaborate balance systems to combine what people loved about Diablo 2 with the possibilities of Immortal Throne. Play as an Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Assassin or Paladin - or any hybrid combination of them - to experience both games anew.

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The next update to Diablo 2 Immortal comes with some epic quests and boss fights, including everyone's favourite devil.

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Diablo returns - not only to the shelves, but also in this next update to Diablo 2 Immortal, which is all about the original, and all about boss battles. Hunt the Three across the ancient world, hunt their minions to complete new epic quests, and discover yet unknown threats in the dark corners of the map!

But that is not all, of course, because as always the update was used to polish and improve all kinds of things. Like the Sandvich! Nom nom nom!

Also a special thanks this time to the German community their help, feedback and enthusiasm in creating items, and the guys here at ModDB/Desura for their support.

Features of 1.44

  • Five fully playable Diablo 2 classes
  • Original characters, looks, sounds and designs
  • Hybrid character and class mixture support
  • Unique new skill types
  • Javelin class weapons
  • Major sound overhaul
  • Rewritten balance systems, support for "weak" damage types
  • Proper scaling and a steeply rising challenge across 12 acts
  • New resistances for all enemies, with immunities in Hell
  • New enemy skills and better AI
  • Adjusted spawns with more champions & guest monsters
  • New enemies, new heroes, and new loot to find
  • Epic boss fights and large-scale endgame quests
  • Lilith assimilation code

Changelog for 1.40 -> 1.44

  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Out-of-combat regeneration skill for all classes
  • Now comes with Diablo true type fonts
  • Balanced some Barbarian skills, revamped Berserk
  • Fixed resistances on all Hell Knights and Swarms
  • Introduces fan-made D2 items
  • Epic boss battles in Grim and Hell
  • Hellfire quest & another secret quest for Hell difficulty


Download Version 1.44 Full (85 MB)
Local ModDB Link
FileSmelt Mirror

Known Issues

* Mod starts directly from Custom Game (not main selection)
- Missing maps.arc in resources. Available here. Was fixed in new upload.

* Weapon block grants 10 base attack speed
- Bug. Should be +10%.

* Small 4:3 resolutions show black bar behind the skill menu
- Native to Kirii's UI. Try another resoultion.

* Relics cannot be attached to javelins
- Current state of the art for 1h ranged weapons. One can use the "relics in all" cheat to allow it.

* Grim difficulty does not unlock on first occasion.
- Not sure what causes this. Just do the final quest once more (or unlock with Defiler).

Please leave a comment if you encounter any other bugs.

As always, it is also recommended that you get the Bugfix Fanpatch to prevent those which are part of the original game. Details about and history of the mod can be found in the Development Thread on Also have a look at the forums there for general information, build discussion and current events.


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