Deterioration is a full conversion for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, featuring an entirely new focus on atmosphere and horror. It focuses less on startling the player and more on immersing the player in a deep, subtle story with psychologically horrifying themes. All item glow has been disabled, so try everything, repeat, EVERYTHING. All items include a description of their use upon interaction, so if you're stuck, try messing around with everything, and think hard about your ultimate goal. This story was inspired by Myst, so the puzzles will feature similar attributes and you will need to use your head often. Play in a dark room with headphones if possible.

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On Installation


Okay, so I've noticed there are several people making note that they need a serial number, or that the mod is too buggy for them to run. I would like to point out that I have tested absolutely every part of this mod time and time again, and for a solid two weeks after initial release, I released updated versions in order to squash out every unplayable bug that people made note of. However, since releasing it here on Moddb, I've noticed a stream of 'serial code required' problems. I'm here to address this.

Now, to address the issue of Serial Keys. This is either happening because you obtained Amnesia through illegal means (just pay the damn price, Frictional Games deserves the money, guys!) or you installed the mod wrong. There is no reason why my modification should require the use of another serial number. If this problem persists after installing it correctly, try looking in "My Documents/Amnesia/Main" for the installkey, then copy it over to the "My Documents/Amnesia/Deterioration" folder.

As for people making note that the installation broke their Amnesia game, you installed it wrong. There are two files in the .zip file, a folder called Deterioration and a Deterioration.bat file. These two files are to be dragged directly into the main Amnesia folder, so that the .bat file is in the same area as Amnesia.exe, and the folder is right alongside the other main Amnesia folders, such as static_objects, entities, sounds, etc. It should not be in the custom_stories folder, and you should NOT go into the Deterioration folder and take the contents out and merge them with the initial Amnesia folders.

I hope that clears up the issues. Enjoy!

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Deterioration - Russian Translation

Deterioration - Russian Translation

Patch 1 comment

Эта история была вдохновлена Myst, поэтому головоломки будут иметь схожие атрибуты...

Deterioration - Czech Translation

Deterioration - Czech Translation

Patch 1 comment

Skvělý mód v české verzi. Ponořte se do děsivého světa



Full Version 3 comments

The final release of Deterioration. To install, extract all of the files into your base Amnesia folder (so that the Deterioration.bat file is in the same...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 50)
SwankestCZ - - 1,136 comments

Full walkthrough (English version):

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Z0D14CS0L - - 29 comments

I found a very strange glitches, SPOILER ALERT: 1)after opening your father's desk, i returned to the bathroom and fell into madness...well then i hit continue from the menu and i started the game from the father's desk... and the camera was locked on the desk, i moved the mouse and the player but it continue to focus on the desk and the inscription ''The XXXX is gone'' appeard every time the camera points to where the desk must be.
2) I can see what's in the desk without open it, just forcing the view in the little open...after that i lose the option to retrieve what is in the player's room because the room get corrupted and the items nowhere to be found.
Well so far, this TC is amazing...but i had to re-start it a few times again because of this glitches.

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WickedArt - - 29 comments

I really want to play it, but whenever I click on the .bat file it shows me this message: "Could not load main init file: Deterioration/config/main_init.cfg "
And piece of advice would do! Thanks!

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

kuba371 - - 1 comments


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Gaviao - - 167 comments

i will give a 9/10, everything is perfect! but it don't have mementos to give you hints or help you about something, congratulations!

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Hollowinside - - 165 comments

I am not sure, but I think that this was actually intended.

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Simic - - 1 comments

In my opinion this is the best custom story ever made! From the release of Amnesia to now!! Its really well made! =)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Giiorgakiic - - 4 comments

61 mB.... hmmm
I can't wait to give it a try ;)

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cav500 - - 12 comments

I've got a problem with this mod. Let's say you didn't go back to one of the very first rooms to get the drill crank after obtaining the sharp drill bit. Let's say you just proceeded on to the other areas without getting that drill crank. You will then be stuck because the slime blocking all the doors later on. I couldn't go back and get that drill crank after the doors became blocked so I couldn't proceed. That seems like a major design flaw to me.

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ibanezGiO961 Creator
ibanezGiO961 - - 35 comments

You can't progress to the areas with the slime without the drill.

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