Designed as a love letter to retro games, 80s/90s anime, and early heavy metal, DemonSteele is a complete and total gameplay overhaul for GZDoom/Zandronum that dramatically changes the flow of the game to an extremely fast-paced hack-and-slash brawler. Wield a razor-sharp sword alongside a mighty gun, and make mincemeat of your foes before blasting away his buddies. Effortlessly dodge through return fire and lop off heads one by one. Or just simply cleave through a crowd in one single dash and swipe. Gameplay rewards thinking fast and acting faster, with enhanced movement systems (Dodges! Rocket jumping!) and your overall effectiveness based entirely on how many enemies you can plow through in a row with minimal damage to yourself. Kill fast and hard, and you'll be rewarded with a slew of special moves and a bunch of damage...hang from a distance and timidly plink at them bit by bit until they die, and you'll be ill-suited for the challenges ahead.

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And it's out! It's been a long, rough, and hectic scramble, but it's out!

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And here we go. It's released, at 8 PM with four hours left to go. (Of course, who knows how long until ModDB actually posts it?)
This has been a hectic year. 2015 has been crazy in a lot of ways, but it's also been fun as can be. I've met a whole ton of new people, made a lot of new friends, and had a blast. Let's welcome 2016 with open arms and a bloody blade--it's time to kick ass!

I'm not gonna lie, I'd wanted to get a lot more done with this release. Even now, I'm still embarrassed that it took about eight months to release an update--even as massive as it is, there's still a whole ton more I could have done with this.
Like what? Well, just off the top of my head, I really wanted to have:
- The ability for the player pawn to know when it's not the player and then morph into a properly-sized actor, for voodoo doll-emphatic maps.
- Player sprites for Shihong.
- Polished up player sprites for Hae-Lin, it's still too clearly a model.
- Arrange the music in the MIDI jukebox alphabetically. Seriously, now selecting a song is just a matter of slapping in random numbers and hoping you get it.
- Automatic/manual fire classes.
- dst_cl_toaster support for Shihong.
- Cvar to remove the sounds from environmental decorative objects.
- Dramatically rehauling the Emperor to be more interesting.
- Deathmatch optimization.
- Arrogant weapons for Shihong.
- Redone sprites for the Testament.
- Excess health pickups being able to heal Sentinel/Ravens
- Being able to "put down" Sentinels/Ravens to use them as turrets.
- Ravens firing only when you attack, rather than firing freely.
- Gun smoke/ejected casings for Shihong's weapons.
- Cvar for zombies to drop their respective ammo type.
- Rehauled Iron Maiden specials (not simply clones of the sword attacks)
- More decorative item replacements
- Arrogant weapons for Shihong
- A third Arrogant weapon for Hae-Lin

But, well, there comes a point where you should just stop polishing and working and polishing and working and just release, and this deadline was a fantastic way to make me do just that. Even if it pushed me a little raw at times--I've been rushing up until the last minute to do as much as I could do, and I wasn't able to dedicate a lot of time to testing, bug-crushing, or balance.
Still, that's what the new year is for, yeah? We're not at 1.0 just yet, and we've still got a long way to go.
Thank you all for your support, thank you all for your encouragement, and thank you all for your criticism and feedback. I'm glad to be able to provide this for all of you, flaws and rough edges intact and all. Please enjoy.


Congrats on release, so far its everything I hoped it would be and better. Nice work!!

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Thank you for all of your hard work, Terminus, can't wait to play the new version! I hope you have a good 2016.

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Congrats on the release!

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It's 2017, are you ever going to update Demonsteele?

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Dead Mod as i see...

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Hardly the end of the world, as the mod is effectively done gameplay wise. Just a few more bells and whistles missing from a full 1.0 release.

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