Dragonball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004 the newest and improved engine based on the popular manga series Dragon Ball Z. This mod will be a multiplayer first released game and is the first dbz rpg game ever to be made on the UT 2004 engine. Play through the series and live the adventure. Fight the most feared enemies in the Universe and control the greatest heroes of all time like Goku and Vegeta and even the young saiya-jin Gohan. All maps and models will be 100% from DBZ only. The Multiplayer will be based on fight 1 at 1 and missions to protect the earth or other important places like Namek, Saiyans Planet, Kami's Look Out, Capsule Corporation etc from evils Garlic Jr, Freeza, Cell, Buu or other evil character from DBZ only. For more info please read the FAQ located on our website at or feel free to ask wherever you want about this mod on our Forum

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Animation Contest!


Are you an 3D animator? Can you animate humans with the upmost lifelike movements? Well here is your chance to show us what you got with our own animation...

First update for the year

News 3 comments

Our new coder, Slayers Choice is making excellent progress with the mod. With our previous coder having problems with RL, SC had to jump into the deep...

Ascended Level

News 12 comments

G-day everyone, I will try to go shortly here... The past few days we had a few problems with our web host, but now thanks to our host support team, we...

More Great News

News 4 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen’s May I have the greatest pleasure to introduce you… new maps, new models, new in-game screenshots and new progress in a few...

More Updates + Something special

News 7 comments

Ok let’s get straight to the point this time. Here you can check out a few more stuff from our progress 1. In the first three pictures you can see DarkSniper...

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas everyone!

News 3 comments

Merry Xmas and a happy new year everyone! Today is Christmas so I’m going to show you a couple from our new presents that we are planning to bring with...

My first day of skinning

News 2 comments

who I am? don't know anymore Seeing that there is no skinner in our team I started this week to practice and practice by my own the skinning technique...

DBZHOOD Voice Acting Competition !

News 11 comments

Hi there I would like to announce that we the DBZHOOD staff have reached the spot to open a Voice Acting team competition for all the people interested...

Some New Stuff

News 9 comments

Hey all, these days D2 and myself have worked very hard so I would like to show you some screenshots from our work, and let everyone know we are far from...

Cell Games

News 4 comments

Ok folks I think Is time for an update, big one again! For DBZHOOD fans (if are any?) I got some good news today! Cell Games intact place and destroyed...

Huge Dragon Ball Z level

News 15 comments

Hey people! Firstly I will like to say hello to everybody and a good luck to all the people who leads a MOD! I'm new here. I'm creating a single player...

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