This is a standalone-addon for Postal 2, contains new multiplayer modes and single player campaign. Description: The year is 2023. The world lies in ruins after started 7 years ago zombie apocalypse. The game tells a story about bloody confrontation between the two paramilitary survivors groups - "Wolfs" and "Outlaw team", who are fighting for resources. Game modes: For player is available are three game modes - "DOD Snatch", "DOD TDM" and "Post-Apocalypse". «DOD Snatch» is an analogue of the "Capture The Flag" mode with the abduction of an enemy of the container. «DOD TDM» us an analogue of the "Team Deathmatch" mode. «Post-Apocalypse» is a survival mode during a zombie attack. You must survive for 16 “waves”. Single player campaign made in sandbox-style. The protagonist must perform missions, at his disposal a huge new location. Modification completely in Russian, but you can install a beta version of english text translate (english text for main menu/multiplayer).

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Very enjoyable and decent quality, but sadly no zombies in the actual SP game (what?).
This makes a great first level for a full game, but I still wanted more.

Most of the English translation is done but not all, so at times I had no idea what my mission was.

The wild dogs and boar you are supposed to be careful of, leave you alone if you do not harm them, so are no threat.

If there were zombies and the animals were a threat, this short game would have been a challenge.


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