This mod add new balance,wincons,edit someone old maps,and other

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Lord_Cylarne says

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Edited rating from a 2 to a 10 (the ten is temporary). The reason being was because the developer took notice in my review and made an effort to fix things. I really appreciate that and will remember that. Good luck on your official release!

--- OLD REVIEW ---

I am terribly sorry to rate this at a very, very low score, but this mod is not at all... accessible.

So let me clarify a little bit more. The download procedures the developer has laid out is a complete and utter mess. Like how mods should be released, it should provide instructions of how to install the mod, maybe tell a little about what it does or adds, and at least demonstrate what this and that download does. This mod does none of it and will leave your head spinning.

Once however you are smart enough to get past that (like congratulations for 80+ IQ points guys bravo), the mod itself in size is about... 4 gigs (compressed). Not bad, but you will then need to install 3-4 more contents.

After a long waiting period of installation, you will then figure out... the big problem that this mod delivers. Now I'm not a fan of how my mod is setup either where you need to acquire 3 separate factions just to get the mod working (thank other modders for that), but this mod is ridiculous in the amount of folders you need to run the mod. And it comes with no instructions inside.

The mod basically includes, get this, separate winconditions, art work, and etcetera ALONE within different folders slapped into a requirement of a .module file. Imagine like the Tyranid mod coming with a Broodlord unit, outside of the Tyranid project half complete. It's essentially this mod.

It only gets worse (but this is not this mod's fault). This mod requires Renegade Guard. Now, you're probably thinking "Cylarne, wut's your problem?", Renegade Guard has periods in the name of the directory and module required to run this mod. DOW mod managers will not recognize combiner mods with mods that contains periods in its name. Therefor you would not be able to run this mod in the first place, even if you have everything installed correctly. So you have to rename renegade guard and etcetera until you figure out that the main mod is unselectable (unplayable).

So now when you get to that scenario (congrats for 10+ IQ points because you lost another 70) and after hours of work trying to gaspingly get the mod to work, you finally run the mod and the thing crashes saying I am missing a Necron turret from Soulstorm vanilla. THANKS.

Download the mod yourself and you'll see the mess of what I mean.

Now, this review is not a hate review, but simply put, feedback to the developer, Red Taurans Team. Please, please, combine all of your art, winconditions, and etcetera into your main mod, set so the main source of your mod is playable, and finally add instructions so this mod is at least accessible. I will change my review once these things are redeemed.

Thanks for reading!


Seregruth says

4 agree

Your mod is certainly innovative. I especially love the new wargear for SM campaign, since not many mods work on changing any of the campaign assets! And I know it´s just a beta, but not seeing these new features actually implemented ingame is sad (yeah, the Terminator Commander doesn´t benefit from his wargear upgrades when deployed on missions). And I also love the way heavy bolters work in your mod, pure destruction. But then again - you can buy 3 of them just on tier 1 in barracks for 124 req...OP.
That said, I´m giving you 5 points from 10 and I´m waiting for future releases, so that I can improve this rating!


Teir says

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Классный мод! надеюсь, что работа будет продолжена и мод будет все лучше и лучше!


dantles1992 says

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best things of this mod are textures and scale of the units, it is strange that no one think about project like this before now what it need are dow2 models and will be perfect


​KiM says

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Looks good! My entire childhood has been devoted to playing RTS games, mostly Dawn of War. 8/10


Goss_777 says

Good mod!


mick3 says

Thank you it is a great made mod and you have put alot of work in to it. +1 for Warhammer and +1 for mod!


satan666666 says

I don't know why this mod voted just 7.7.
Of cause, This mod have many bugs and some parts are overly HD textured, but cool most of part.


Parli says

Greatest mod for W40k-Soulstorm!Great thing you used DoW2 Units and Orkz are greatest now.Campaign Rules!

Agree With me and Become the Bro!(Yes i am Pewds)


xalejandromagnox says

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Great Job! / Gran trabajo!

Transalate please / Traducción por favor

En si el mod esta muy bien así que sigue así, gran trabajo y sigue trayendo mas.

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Looks good! My entire childhood has been devoted to playing RTS games, mostly Dawn of War. 8/10

Dec 27 2014 by ​KiM