The DarthMod improves significantly the AI and gameplay for the PC game "Total War: Shogun 2".

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A temporary bug that resulted in FotS Campaign Freezes has been corrected and also there are many improvements. Now you can fully enjoy the game with this mod.

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Some battle scenes with DarthMod FotS

Special new in v3.8 HotFix (uploaded 11/4/2012)

  • Guns slightly more powerful to take down Samurai & Cavalry charges more easily.
  • More ammo for guns as requested.
  • Some slight improvements to Formations AI resulting to more effective BAI.
  • Gunboat balance tweaks to make them less effective in autocalc and in battle as it was required.
  • Garrison fixes (now Castle has correctly more garrison and also high tier buildings have more Line Infantry than Levy Infantry).
  • Fatigue affected more by reloading/firing.
  • FotS Infantry more resistant to cavalry.
    (This hotfix is fully compatible with your campaign saves)

Special new in v3.8

  • Fixed the random campaign Freezes.
  • Fixed CAI preferring too much Yari Samurai.
  • CAI now not too aggressive.
  • Naval Autocalc improved.
  • AI formation fix so not to cause random CTD in battles.
  • Made CAI to prefer far less the Gunboats but I cannot optimise because the relevant file cannot be modded yet.
  • Returned projectile effectiveness to proper levels.
  • Fine tuned naval projectile damage.
  • Made less the accuracy bonus of a certain technology level because it increased it proportionally too much and destroyed balance.
  • Removed rank fire ability for Matchlock Katchi because the AI never used it and probably it affected negatively the AI using this drill.
  • Improved the artillery accuracy to be better as requested.
  • Lessened the artillery crew "dancing" (not sure if it is a vanilla bug).
  • Improved the CAI recruitment choices for all campaign types (Boshin, Genpei, Sengoku).
  • Naval autocalc should not be so lethal so that gunboats take bigger ships with them.

Many thanks to the people who have reported very quickly
in this thread:
and here: because without them I would not be able to update the mod so quickly.

Take a look at the Features of the Mod

Download the Full Launcher Version

DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4

and then upgrade with the patch.
DarthMod Shogun II v3.8 Patch


Woo! Now we wait for authentication.

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Still not authorised.... ahhh... will make now a mirror to TWCenter.

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Alright cool, thanks Darth.

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Here it is:

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Will this mod work if I only own the Standalone DLC? (Fall of the samurai)

Edit. Nevermind i read the patch notes.

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Is this mod compatible with the bayonet mod?

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