The popular mod series now for Napoleon: Total War! Play realistic napoleonic battles against a challenging AI. The gameplay is vastly improved, the arcade feeling of the official game is removed and not only that... You will witness the full power of the new DarthMod Formations, which make the Battle AI to attack you without hesitations and weak plans. Join the Dark Side and you will be crushed! Satisfaction -> Guaranteed!

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DarthMod Napoleon enhances the gameplay experience of Napoleon: Total War to the Maximum!

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DarthMod Napoleon v2.4 Gameplay Screenshots

The size of the units is brought to realistic, "Large" levels.

DarthMod Napoleon v2.4 Gameplay Screenshots

The enhanced melee mechanics, the improved AI
and the realistic physics create for the player a fantastic and challenging experience.

Screenshots from actual gameplay

Superb battle effects, exclusively made from the mod's head designer (DARTH VADER)
make you think that you play a real battle!
The effects are fine tuned so that they do not provoke excessive lag
while they show "heavier" than any other effect mod.

40 unit armies possible in DarthMod

husserlTW made, exclusively for DarthMod, campaigns in which you can have up to 40 unit armies.
The included AlbTraum23 UI mod makes the unit cards smaller so to see all of them.
Only before the battle you see these contested unit windows.

The Launcher of DarthMod Napoleon v2.0

The launcher makes sure that you choose the right options before you start your game or disables the mod so that you can play Vanilla.
There are also many more campaigns with minor factions playable so you can re-write history
without the constrains of the official game's scripted campaigns
(The new campaigns are exculsively designed for DarthMod by husserlTW).

DarthMod Napoleon v2.4 Gameplay Screenshots

Chaos, realism, the smoke of gunpowder and challenge await you! Read more about the mod features below.

DarthMod Napoleon Features

These are the key elements of the mod that make it better than the official game (vanilla) and unique among other mods.

Land Battles

  • The more realistic movement rates and acceleration for the troops together with the more realistic physics effects provide more natural visuals
  • Melees are more cinematic and charges more powerful especially those of cavalry who go deep into formations and provoke havoc
  • Musket fire more realistic based truly on the accuracy of the unit and the characteristics of the weapon (in vanilla muskets target with heat seaking ability and for compensation the developers have added a “deflector shield” for the units as there is in all modern and childish RTS games)
  • Artillery units fire with more realistic trajectories and have bigger range so now their impact is historically powerful
  • Morale effects are more dynamic forcing the AI to re-mobilise its forces continuously during the battle to gain the best possible position and formation and not think (wrongly) that it can win while being flanked
  • Fatigue effects are more realistic so now for example the troops get tired quickly after running but can also rest more quickly
  • Various changes in the unit statistics provide a better and more realistic battle experience, for example Line Infantry have increased numbers and Lancers have anti-cavalry bonus or Grenadiers use heavy body model etc.
  • The units are not “perfectly” formed as in vanilla so that their formations look more real and not gameish
  • Experience rises quickly enough to make a unit realistically useful according to the battle it fights
  • Grenades have been removed because it is insane that they have limitless ammo and also because they are unhistorical this time period

    The new AI formations in land battles
    The new Darth Formations encourage AI battalion type attacks (reserve system) and also:

    • The AI attacks now in full unison
    • The AI lethally flanks
    • The AI light infantry is more dangerous
    • The AI artillery is located in a single powerful battery which unleashes devastating concentrated barrages to the human player
    • AI general is always careful and not suicidal
    • Cavalry attacks are better coordinated
    • No big gaps between units (now they create one long thin line of musketry per group and per formation)
    • Attack and defend offsets are improved so that the AI properly times the assault and muskets more
    • The AI siege and river battles play better

Naval Battles

  • The ships statistics have been totally revamped so that the arcade feel of naval battles is totally removed, for example now ships turn and maneuver much slower like real wooden vessels or cannon shots do not “heat seek” but follow realistic trajectories
  • Naval morale is more dynamic and favours the circumstance of a ship to surrender when it is in very bad shape than fight to the bitter end and sink
  • Magazine hit points increased so that the ships do not blow up so insanely frequently (but blow ups can still occur)
  • Naval solid cannons create more damage to the crew and can be devastating in close range
  • Chain shots have less range but more power so that they can be used only in a moment of a difficult decision: “to fire solid shots and surely damage or try to disable the ship with less probability?”

    The new AI formations in naval battles
    There have been slight changes to the Naval formations so their attack begins with different offset favouring the AI to “cross the T”

Campaign Map Gameplay

  • The Campaign AI has been totally re-innovated so that the AI considers better when and where to invade, when to defend, when to naval assault, when to retreat, when to support allies etc. to develop faster and to wage powerful “big stack” armies
  • Because of the new CAI the original many many AI handicaps whose purpose was to offer challenge to the human player by a super cheating AI have been removed and have been kept only the upkeep and income bonuses per difficulty level (to simulate an effective AI economic management)
  • The AI raises quality armies with sufficient capacity of line infantry, cannons and cavalry
  • Autocalc has been fine tuned to be more reasonable and the AI bonuses per difficulty level have been removed
  • France is no longer the “Uber Faction” so that the campaign does not feel scripted (any nation now can be powerful enough to offer challenge as an adversary)
  • Ships have much more movement points to favour naval invasions and make fleets more useful
  • Traits increase more frequently so that generals can get bonuses or penalties more often according to your actions
  • Diplomacy is more reasonable and your allies will not backstab without reason as in vanilla and they will support you much more
  • Government types have more differences between them and give more bonuses and penalties
  • Ministers have more bonuses per star rating so that they contribute sufficiently to the overall nation development

Many Campaign Choices

  • husserlTW adapted his great Napoleon Total Factions mod to be included in DarthMod (it works inside the mod) and now you have the options to play with many new countries in all campaigns
  • husserlTW has created many special saves exclusively for DarthMod which offer starting campaign conditions for up to 40 units in a single army

Additional Units

  • 191 New Land Units + 14 New Naval Units (work by Swiss Halberdier, Sacrebleu!, md1453, Pdguru, Diamat, AClockworkOrange) enrich your battle and campaign experience
  • 43 Garrison units (work by DARTH VADER)

Super battle effects

  • New cinematic effects which offer thick realistic smoke, better explosions, Blood, more realistic visuals, but without creating excessive lag. You have to see to believe!

The above mentioned together with hundreds of other micro adjustments and balances make DarthMod Napoleon the right choice if you want to play Napoleon: Total War as it should have been released from the start… with realistic features and challenge without overwhelming cheats.

In addition, DarthMod Napoleon comes with a launcher to help you set the unit sizes to big (2X) or normal (1X) and to enable submods with one click. More submods will be added in the future to offer a richer experience which will be adapted, if needed, to fit in the mod. DarthMod Napoleon can be disabled any time to play vanilla or another mod.

Full Changelog

Version 2.65 "Epic Edition" (24/3/2013)

  • Drastic CAI tweaks for a better diplomacy, challenge and effective Britain. AI ships should be repaired too.
  • Land & Naval Autocalc Improvements.
  • Mass improvements. Melee penetration much more intense.
  • BAI decisioning improvements. It should be more challenging.
  • Canister should have better trajectories (Thanks to Bran Mac Born tip about high elevation).
  • Soldier synchronization even more realistic.
  • All 40 Unit Saves refreshed.
  • After many requests, the Launcher offers now the option of "Auto-Start" or "Manual-Start". In "Manual-Start" you can set the Launcher options and then use the official game shortcut to play the game. Use this method to launch DarthMod if you anticipate CTD at startup.

    Many thanks to all who gave feedback for the latest open beta: (, especially to Bran Mac Born, Centaure, Whatthefunk and Hawkeye.

Version 2.6+++ "Epic Edition"

  • BAI and melee mechanics fine tune. Now you should enjoy the game to the maximum. Prepare for powerful AI musket Lines.

Version 2.6++ "Epic Edition"

  • Better Musket Accuracy Balance ideal for situations like "Ready... Aim... Fire!!!" ! Meaning that muskets are now better at close range fire due to more effective targeting calibration and you can rout units more easily with correctly timed volleys (as the AI).
  • Formation improvements that make ΒΑΙ not to prefer so much the angled/flank attacks that could make it not use its artillery always properly.
  • AI Diplomacy stances less strict so to give more breathing space to minor nations against the big nations.
  • The AI should now attack/defend/make musket lines even more effectively. It should also use its reserves more efficiently.
  • Tweaks in morale. Morale much more dynamic.
  • Tweaks in combat animation mechanics.
  • Rank fire available from the start of any campaign without the need of research.
  • Garrison units have now special stats (Much better in defense, much worse in attack than their normal counterparts).
  • Balanced better the naval battles damage & accuracy system.
  • Balanced slightly better the Land battles projectile damage system.
  • All buildings are 10 times more resilient against artillery so as not to be deathtraps for garrison as before.
  • Mass changes for excellent battle realism, even greater than before!
  • Annoying incidents in which there was zero lethality after musket, land or naval cannon fire are now fixed/balanced much better.
  • Canister should have now straighter trajectories and generally will be more effective.
  • AI should now flank with cavalry much more often.
  • Greeks and Greek Rebels no longer speak Turkish as in Vanilla (English is now their voice, cannot be changed to something else better).

Version 2.6+ "Epic Edition"

  • Several new improvements that affect Battle AI positively for even greater and more challenging battles. DarthMod Napoleon has now 300% better Battle AI from vanilla = guaranteed. Those who still do not believe just try and see (especially in campaign battles).
  • Melee mechanics improvements (better reactions, more lively engagements).
  • Better animation mechanics, more realistic. (Less synchronised volleys, better sounds, less lag).
  • 43 new Garrison units that make sieges far more interesting. No longer you will face only weak armed citizenry but instead you will have to battle against experienced Line infantry and trained Militia, according to town income. These troops are available for the human player too when he defends. (In previous version this was not implemented fully and caused bugs = you could not disband some units or after the battle they dissapeared. Now this very irritating bug is fixed).
  • Howitzers more accurate and effective.
  • Quicklime and Carcass more effective.
  • Many more projectile improvements. For example muskets are having even more realistic firing trajectories. You can feel how the musket is better at the hands of a trained soldier than an inexperienced militia. Enable the improved projectile trails to watch how deadly or unstable at the same time can be a musket barrage.
  • Squares more effective against cavalry.
  • Fortifications slightly less expensive as requested.
  • Musket sounds enriched with the magnificently recorded sounds of General Andy. You can find his standalone mod here: (General Andy's Musket Sounds). DarthMod now uses possibly the best musket sound mix of the community. Read the credits for more info.

Version 2.6 "Epic Edition"

  • Battle AI is greater than ever due to formations and other parameters adjustments. It will really give you a hard time winning it, especially when it has artillery and a good general.
  • Multiplayer with DarthMod enabled should now be fixed.
  • Now there is richer garrison (Militia and many types of Line infantry) and also it costs when in siege (so Human campers will not wait for the AI to attack all the time because they may risk bankruptcy). This simulates the cost of a siege for the defender.
  • Battle autocalc improved as requested.
  • Gun reload rates extreme re-balance for better battle realism and challenge.
  • Musketing morale impact is greater so that only the elite troops can stand under heavy fire long enough (or when they have a good officer around).
  • General projectile lethality enhanced.
  • Melee mechanics tweaked even better for more cinematic feel.
  • Artillery more devastating.
  • CAI better re-balance especially for France and Britain which should be more effective in the campaign map.
  • CAI recruitment better with more special and elite troops.
  • Fortifications have much more cost so that they are rare in the map.
  • CAI should be not so aggressive to minor nations and must be slightly more reasonable.
  • Diplomacy gift impact reduced (was requested).
  • Howitzer impact slightly more powerful.
  • Unit population cost nullified because in some campaigns caused problems (For example in Penninsula Campaign it made Towns too small and no more units could be built).
  • Trade ports can now build warships so that the CAI can build powerful navies. As a tradeport becomes upgraded it can build bigger ships and smaller ships become obsolete.
  • Improvements in effects (Musket muzzle flash much more realistic, Quicklime smoke effect more realistic, Water impact effects are now realistic and not tiny and gamey as in vanilla).
  • New Musket sounds much more realistic using sounds kindly offered by Shokh, the creator of ACW mod (American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey).
  • Extreme Naval Battle rebalance. Many changes to make the naval battles as realistic, challenging and beautiful as possible. For example you can now feel the mass and slow reaction time of a ship type and also there is simulation of how tides affect a ship's firing trajectory. The smaller ships shake a lot so they are not as effective in long range targeting as the bigger warships which remain more stationary in the water. But even for the bigger ships you notice this very realistic effect, as they shake after they take hits or they fire etc. so that you think you play a real naval battle.
  • Some minor Launcher fixes to provide more accurate log reports.
  • Projectile trails improved (Those you enable from the launcher).

Version 2.5+++ "Mythos Edition"

  • Fix of broadside damage being too weak.
  • Improved melee and animation mechanics for even more cinematic and realistic engagements. The AI is affected very positively and now should behave better and be more responsive.
  • Adjusted the Formation AI and now the BAI should be more effective overall:
    • The AI now forms proper double lines, more suitable for the 40 Unit battles engagements.
    • The AI now can defend more efficiently and artillery fires at the advancing human army without hesitations.
    • The AI should attack not too stretched out and more coordinated.
    • Managing properly the formation offsets now the BAI can attack more efficiently by exploiting the weakness of the human player, that is the ability to control many fronts at the same time and musket/charge at will. In short, the AI moves much more decisively in the battlefield and should provoke much more casualties to the human player.
  • CAI should now be much more mobile and eager to defend borders/settlements/cities and also to invade.
  • Rank fire has less fire delay.
  • Melee penetration enhanced to the maximum cinematic level.

Version 2.5++ "Mythos Edition"

  • Artillery more powerful in the battlefield as widely requested. (Also the impact effects of solid shots have been improved).
  • Several CAI recruitment options have been optimised.
  • AI France more aggressive to be able to survive and prevail against the CAI alliance packs (In DarthMod alliances are realistic and helpful).
  • Britain more aggressive so to attack and invade more often.
  • Naval guns more powerful against crew and have more range. Additionaly many naval gameplay mechanics have been re-balanced for compensation.
  • CAI better army positioning in the campaign map, hopefully leading to more AI strategic maneuvering.
  • BAI Formations improved and they make the AI to be far more effective in attacking/defending, in protecting the general and in artillery usage.
  • The Albtraum23 modified deployment zones submod included in DarthMod is now not creating CTD in siege battles (removed all the possible causes which means siege battles have normal deployment zones).

Version 2.5+ "Mythos Edition"

  • Fixed the Emergent Campaigns that did not not load from the launcher.
  • Fixed an issue of the launcher that prevented the manual toggle of unit size.
  • CAI should now defend and attack settlements with much larger forces so it will be even more challenging.
  • Naval CAI should distribute ships better in order to trade, attack, defend, invade.
  • Diplomacy should be more rational than before.
  • Musket smoke fine tuned even better according to some latest feedback.
  • Artillery ground impact effects enhanced!
  • Artillery concussion effects & fragment lethality increased even more.
  • Names of the 2 new units of the latest Creative Assembly DLC are now shown correctly. (A lot of thanks to Marku who gifted me the DLC and so I could trace the bug).
  • Re-balanced the cost of all units so that there is more economic challenge in the campaign.
  • Made payments more important in diplomacy negotiations.

Version 2.5 "Mythos Edition"

  • Adapted for the latest official CA patch of 18/6/2012 (no more CTD at startup).
  • Improved BAI.
  • Far more improved responses, unit speeds resulting to even more cinematic and violent melees and to better timed volleys.
  • CAI should be generally more versatile in diplomacy and improved.
  • CAI should create more alliance packs.
  • CAI should relentlessly try to take back its conquered lands.
  • Autocalc improvements.
  • Several adjustments to CAI handicaps to make it more challenging.
  • CAI should help allies more.
  • Improved musket smoke (thicker, more realistic interaction with gravity and wind).
  • Fixed a problem with musket smoke that made it too shiny for some Graphics Cards.
  • More hilly terrains for more tactical battles.
  • Militia can now be recruited in zero turns so to have a better and more realistic use.
  • Several unit cap and cost balances. For example Russia and Ottoman Empire have much reduced costs for their infantry and many other.
  • Artillery fragment + concussion effects more lethal for infantry.
  • Added 49 New units!

    Now DarthMod Napoleon has a total of 191 New Land Units + 14 New Naval Units (work by Swiss Halberdier, Sacrebleu!, md1453, Pdguru, Diamat, AClockworkOrange) which enrich your battle and campaign experience.

  • Included the 1st Italian Campaign French troops retexture by JustDoit8 changes realistically the appearance of all French Revolutionary troops (Ideally, no more tragic Barefooter clowns).
  • Several fixes and improvements to the Launcher by husserlTW.

Version 2.4+ HotFix

  • BAI finetune to create more proper musketlines.
  • Fire by rank reloads now a little faster.
  • Howitzer fragments more realistic trajectories.
  • CAI less passive from what it has been reported.
  • Lag issues that have been reported have been addressed:
    Lag is created when you choose Ultra particles (in vanilla too when using ATI cards) or somehow the game preferences get messed.
    Now the Darth effects have all the necessary in High Particle settings (no need to use Ultra) and to be sure you can delete the game preferences from the launcher with one click (File->Preferences script->Delete) to set them again with safety inside the game.

Version 2.4

  • Cannon & musket smoke became the most impressive you have ever seen... I never thought Napoleon engine was capable of these effects!
  • More dust from infantry/cavalry movement and with correct color (not white).
  • Howitzer impact smoke is now greyish/white and generally the howitzer effects are much more improved.
  • Carcass and Quicklime effects and damage improved.
  • Musket Muzzle fire effect improved a lot (it is like real ).
  • Projectile Damage from muskets and cannons lethality improved.
  • Melee mechanics much better.
  • Guns/Cannons have all a much more distinct character per type (accuracy/ballistics etc.).
  • Morale more crucial (2-3 good volleys crush the morale).
  • Less Fatigue Penalties for shooting procedures.
  • Improved the projectile trails to be better visually (Try them).
  • Improved formation system for a far more effective battle AI, especially in defense.
  • CAI should not declare wars so easily.
    Launcher additions by husserlTW
    * Added Italy and Netherlands campaigns (they replace Kingdom of Italy and Batavia Republic).
    * Fixed a bug where emergent campaign file was remaining after disabling emergent campaign.
    * Other minor launcher tweaks
    * Added a start up log:
    Now, there is a log created to help us solve your installation problems
    If you have problems with launcher or/and game startup, please copy the log report found in data/DMN/dmn_log.txt in the post along with your question/problem. Since this report may be very long, it would be good to use the "code" tags.

Version 2.3

  • Improved Auto Calculation for both Land and Naval Battles.
  • Great Britain AI should be more aggressive and challenging.
  • CAI should build more ships for more challenge at the seas.
  • CAI should have better navy composition.
  • CAI should repair ships more frequently.
  • CAI should manage aggressiveness level better.
  • CAI should manage economics more efficiently.
  • CAI should calculate correctly the necessary army size to counter the human player (Prepare to take heavy losses in the battlefield).
  • New melee animations & mechanics result to more cinematic and violent hand to hand battles.
  • Tweaked a little the morale to improve the AI decisioning and creation of its musket lines.
  • Now cannons have distinct range differences according to their caliber to reflect their historical advantages.
  • Minister diplomacy bonuses/penalties intensified to make their role more important.
  • Ships cannon damage intensified for more decisive, more realistic naval battles.
  • New smoke effects even more realistic (Yes ...).

Version v2.25

  • CAI should develop and upgrade buildings more.
  • CAI should manage better its economics overall.
  • CAI should build more ships to bring more challenge in the seas.
  • CAI should be more active in trading and upgrading ports.
  • CAI should protect its ports more.
  • CAI should be more energetic in diplomacy.
  • CAI Friendly/Enemy stance more dynamic.
  • CAI Spain should build much less armies and concentrate more in diplomacy and naval superiority.
  • The player has slight GDP and upkeep penalties to make the campaign progress harder.
  • Musket smoke improved even more as per feedback (Now it dissolves more gradually and is looking perfect!).

Version 2.2+ (with HotFix)

  • Coalition/Emergent Campaign bug not showing trees and save CTD issue resolved (reverted to previous working state of version 2.1).
  • Musket extreme particle smoke settings fine tuned to show more realistic.
  • Carcass & Quicklime damage and effects are now more realistic (Experimental howitzer cost increased to balance accordingly).
  • Howitzer lethality and effects are now more realistic.
  • A certain British Fife march sound that blended not correctly to all units removed from cadence march sound mod.
  • Solid shot coalition effects stronger.
  • Melee more violent.
  • Infantry & Cavalry walk/run dust intensified slightly.

Version 2.2

  • Improved the effects and especially the smoke. If you enable "Ultra Particles" in the game options you will see the full effects.
  • Blood is now showing more frequently and is clearer.
  • CAI should develop the provinces more and also it should behave generally better.
  • New emergent campaign adjustments to have 3 slot provinces.
  • Melee is now more decisive.
  • Morale is affected more by army losses so that a devastated army to stop to reform so much.
  • AI should form musket lines more frequently instead of hesitating.
  • Howitzer shells a little less lethal.
  • Artillery a little less accurate so that it does not massacre so much when in high experience.
  • Rebel armies should not have so many elite units.
  • General Special abilities endure more, are cooling sooner and their availability is increased.

Version 2.1

  • Re-created all 40 unit save games from scratch to have Hard Campaign / Hard Battle Difficulty, the recommended of the mod.

    Also, because the save games are made from scratch, some possible issues of the previous saves have been resolved.

    You must start a new campaign with these to see the new campaign AI behaviour, although it is not mandatory.

  • Several CAI improvements to make the AI more intelligent and challenging in the campaign map.
  • Added 2 beautiful retextures of Pdguru for "Old guard grenadiers" and "Chasseurs" French units.
  • Added more mass to ships for even more realistic handling behaviour.
  • Improved the musket smoke effects to be even more realistic.
  • Fixed Launcher's small bug (When a special campaign was set it
    could not revert manually to vanilla unless we used the default settings

Version 2.0+ HotFix

  • Fixed many Pdguru's French units that were not recruitable. These units are only available to France in regions with resources ID: Horses, Silesia, Tyrol, Switzerland, Poland, Cossacks and Horses (according to unit type).
  • Added +2 Italian Units for France by Pdguru.
  • Added Large Regimental Flags mod of Primergy (Larger Regimental Flags - Mod (NTW compatible).
  • Corrected disappearing musket smoke of Darth Effects and enhanced the smoke (This is what you asked!). *LARGE & VERY IMPORTANT FIX*
  • Corrected some undesirable musket sounds. Now the musket sounds are as realistic as possible.
  • Fixed Rhineland Handover Message Issue.
  • Fixed very large treasury issue for the emergent factions.
  • Fixed some Launcher scripts problems.
  • Fine tuned moral so as not to shutter so frequently in some very rare occasions.
  • Fine tuned artillery targeting system so as not to be so accurate in some occasions.
  • Repaired formation AI issue that caused AI to overflank which could result to excessive melee or weak maneuvering in ambush attacks (needs testing).

Version 2.0

  • Tweaked morale so that units can also shutter and not re-group all the time.
  • Made CAI to evaluate better its economics so to understand whether it should disband units or save money than to go suicidally for war. (Needs testing).
  • Artillery and projectile damage made even more realistic according to range.
  • Firing arcs of infantry have been increased even more so that AI makes straighter Lines and muskets more to broader directions. This affects the human player who can now hold the line without having to "microturn" in order to target an enemy.
  • Turn rates of troops have been reduced slightly to look more realistic and make rank fire to initiate less synchronous.
  • Improved the Darth Effects (Intensified the musket smoke, Leaves and other wandering stuff in the air removed to save FPS).
  • Improved the Sound Effects (New thicker more realistic Musket Sounds edited and mastered by me by using as a base the musket sounds of "BattleField Smoke Mod of MechDonald and the Ultimate Sound Mod of LochKopf).
  • Fixed a bug that would result sometimes to play wrong sounds for a unit (Not sure, needs testing).
  • Added 18 french units, a quality work of Pdguru. These units give to France the necessary Master Touch to be more interesting for the human player and more challenging as a CPU player. Among these units there is the "French Column", a special large unit exclusive for Napoleon that is ideal for braking enemy formations. All units are adapted to DarthMod stats. Info about these units can be found in this thread Pdguru's Mods (Temporarily unavailable).
  • Added the Napoleon Total Flags Mod, an exceptional work by JFC.
  • Added the Drum Roll Change (cadences) all factions v5!, a usual master piece work by La♔De♔Da♔Brigadier Graham.
  • Extra Campaigns and UI changes:
    • Fixed CAI being passive in All Faction Campaigns (Needs testing). The CAI worked and works in its full potential in the vanilla Campaigns.
    • New minimap file for Peninsula campaign (game menu).
    • New UI and menu images (logo, legal, advisor).
    • Scripting has been reworked:
      • Now Rhineland handover will be prevented only if the player plays as Bavaria or Wurtteburg.
      • Black campaign map at start fixed.
      • Breaking script fixed.
      • Double mission issue, fixed.
      • Batavian army building at start, added (startpos and save).
      • Fixes FoW over armies and fleets that are located overseas.
      • All emergent playable.
  • Launcher changes:
    • A brand new and more sophisticated Launcher that remembers you settings is finally available, made by husserlTW. The Launcher can have multi skins, has a lot more options than the previous older one and is very easy to use.

Version 1.9

  • Reduced the accuracy of the units, including artillery to more proper levels. This affects very much the targeting realism and also the challenge in every battle because no longer you can win by being static.
  • Fine tuned movement rates to be even more human like (affects positively the AI maneuvering)
  • Slightly re-balanced almost all units to have more diversity (in vanilla there are many clone units). Now for example the British have low attack+high defense+good musketing, the Austrians are better at melee than in musketry, the Prussians have better reload ability, cavalry and light foot units also diversified etc. Many changes made to fine tune the historic ability of the troops per country.
  • Improved the Darth Effects (Now muskets have fire flash, Blood shows more realistic)
  • Added some bug fixes for the All Faction Campaigns:
    * Fixed a problem with Rhineland handover scripting.
    * Fix for black campaign map at the start of some campaigns (this disables advisor from showing up in first turn).
    * Custom game menu minimaps added.

Version 1.8

  • Much improved melees with cinematic chaos very close to reality.
  • Musket lethality balanced slightly so as not to be so powerful from large distance.
  • The CAI should now develop more and also to behave generally better.
  • Cannon Ball Shots should now be much more powerful according to caliber.
  • Certain changes in morale and Battle mechanics now make the AI more challenging as the AI muskets more and the flanking attacks have much more impact.
  • Building hitpoints increased 10X more. Now they will not be death traps for the AI.
  • Fixed some additional units not having fire by rank capability.
  • Fixed some camel and mameluk units to be recruitable only to the correct areas.
  • Fixed some bugs of the Launcher ("Disable" and "Uninstallation" commands were not working, An Austria 40unit save was not working correctly).

Version 1.7

  • Fixed script to enable all the 40 Unit Army saves (Two were not enabled).
  • Made the CAI to be mobile and not prefer to camp into the settlements. The war action is now UNLEASHED.
  • Reduced the building time of all units so that the human player and the AI can recruit more quickly their forces and move into the battlefield. The CAI is affected very positively by this because now it raises Armies and Fleets to conquer and defend within due time.
  • Made cavalry to be even more penetrating against infantry and for compensation the bayonet equipped infantry have slightly more "pushing" bonus so that the only good defense against cavalry is to form squares on time and not at the last time.
  • Increased the population cost to 2000 per unit so when you raise a big army to have impact in the growth and prosperity of a City.

Version 1.6

  • Fixed bug that prevented Spain Campaigns to work properly.
  • Included some map files for All Factions Campaigns that show victory conditions in startup map screen.
  • Made Ministers and Faction leaders to have more diplomacy bonuses or penalties according to their star rating (Finetuned CAI aggressiveness for this).
  • Replaced every 40Unit save campaign with a new one with working 2X unit size! (Some minor factions saves were removed because of less interest).
  • Included the Increased Deployment Zone mod of Albtraum23 that is included in this mod Albtraum23Mod mit 40 Units per Army V.0.9. This mod is useful for 40 Unit Campaigns and can be enabled/disabled from the submod options.
  • Militia can now fire by rank.

Version 1.5+ (HotFix)

  • Finetuned the CAI to be more aggressive as it should be (maybe this fix will affect your ongoing campaign negatively or provoke a CTD but it is necessary).
  • Repaired the cannon balls not able to pass through multiple bodies.
  • Blunderbuss musket balanced better.
  • 40 unit saves games repaired to work (five were not enabled correctly).
  • Repaired the Vanilla Coalition Campaigns not working (Thanks to Moranimator for the feedback)
  • Repaired the Multiplayer not working.

Version 1.5

  • Buildings have more hitpoints to be more useful.
  • Minor nations will now try to expand as well and the bigger nations will be more aggressive to conquer. As a result, the campaign game becomes more interesting and random.
  • Fine tuned musketry and melee mechanics for more realistic aiming and effects.
  • Cdir unit qualities balanced a little better as per advice of The Hedge Knight so that some elite units will be favoured more to be recruited by the AI.
  • Some unit balances issues resolved.
  • Several units not having rank by fire and other abilities repaired (Updated the Radius Fire by Rank mod which had this bugs).
  • Fire and Advance re-inserted and together with Fire-by-Rank now there are several options for musketry warfare (In Napoleon Total War the Fire and Advance skill is not preferred so much from the AI so everything works great).
  • Gameplay challenge reworked to make the battles much more difficult.
  • Carcass & Quicklime damage balanced better.
  • New cinematic effects (optional) which offer thick smoke, better explosions, Blood, more realistic visuals but without creating excessive lag. I thank The Hedge Knight for his very helpful tutorial and riktherek for his effects mod (Whiff of Sulphur) from which I used only the artillery effects as a base. The effects I created are highly recommended for the best battle experience.
  • 122 New Land Units + 14 New Naval Units (work by Swiss Halberdier, Sacrebleu!, md1453).
  • Options to toggle projectile tracers on/off.
  • husserlTW adapted his great Napoleon Total Factions mod to be included in DarthMod (it works inside the mod) and now you have the options to play with many new countries in all campaigns.
  • husserlTW has created 31 special saves exclusively for DarthMod which offer starting campaign conditions for up to 40 units in a single army!
  • The launcher has been redesigned to include all the many new features and is pretty self explanatory on how to use it.

Version 1.4

  • Infantry and Cavalry movements now are more realistic than before (previously they had too much acceleration). This affects in a positive way the melees and musketry as well.
  • Made some adjustments to formations so that AI artillery does not maneuver so much when the AI attacks and provides a constant barrage (this is a common vanilla error).

Version 1.35

  • Brigs and sloops increased movement points corrected.
  • Ships broadside damage fine tuned.
  • Some adjustments in the hills movement rates have been corrected (Thanks to Hedge Knight for the feedback).

Version 1.3

  • Ships movement points increased to favour naval invasions.
  • Grenadiers have now heavy body entity model as they should.
  • Character traits appear now more often.
  • Moral system made more dynamic to create more realistic battlefields (units under heavy bombardment and musketry will not stupidly stay but will retreat to a better position, so this way they protect themselves automatically ).
  • Melees more penetrating.

Version 1.2

  • Research effects not showing in Peninsular Campaign corrected (Thanks to Ridcully for the feedback).
  • Mod Version Number shows now in the left right corner above official patch version (Thanks to T.C. for his excellent mod
  • Projectile system tweaked a little more to have realistic effects according to distance.
  • Melee slightly re-balanced for compensation.
  • Allies now can be even more trustworthy for the human player.
  • Suicidal general issue when in a column or reinforcement army fixed (was vanilla bug).
  • Gifts have more effect in diplomacy.

Version 1.1

  • Better melees.
  • Better troop reactions & movements.
  • Better BAI, more careful.
  • France should no longer be "Uber faction".
  • Solid cannon shots have a much more devastating concussion ability, and also naval cannons are more effective. Generally the cannons now reflect their realistic purpose much more than in the original game setting.
  • Not so much income for the human player.
  • Minor nations have more income so that they can pose a greater challenge.
  • Musket fire balanced to be a little more randomly effective according to unit accuracy ability.
  • All 3rd Deckers and the Spanish "Santisima Trinidad" have more firepower to reflect their historical awesomeness, except from the British big vessels who are a little faster and have more accurate cannons.
  • Grenades removed.

Version 1.0
Read the Main Features above. Generally the gameplay basis of DarthMod Empire has been transferred to DarthMod Napoleon together with unique features due to the improved game engine and also there are new battle formations which make the AI much smarter.
In a few words:
DarthMod Napoleon has aim to provide:
-optimised Land/Naval Battle AI
-optimised Land/Naval Battle mechanics and realism system
-optimised campaign AI
-unequaled challenge for the human player.

3rd Party Included Submods

Currently these are the submods that DarthMod Napoleon (DMN) includes.

Radious Fire By Rank mod *some adjustments have been made by me*
NAPOLEON TOTAL FACTIONS *Specially adapted for DarthMod by husserlTW*

Ultimate Soundmod V3 *UPDATE4* [best Sounds in one pack!] *some adjustments have been made by me*
Musket sounds from American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey *some adjustments have been made by me*
General Andy's Musket Sounds *some adjustments have been made by me*

Additional Dutch Units (Batavian Rep) *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Additional Danish Units *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Additional Spanish Units (non-DLC) *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Additional Portuguese Units (non-DLC) *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
New Bavarian Units *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Ottoman Units and Spawning Agents *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
ADDITIONAL UNITS MOD - NAPOLEON (AUM-NAP) 2.2 *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
MAUM *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Pdguru's Mods *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
1st Italian Campaign French troops retexture


Mod Version number
Unit Pack Compatibility Project - Napoleon *Specially adapted for DarthMod by me*
Albtraum23Mod (The 40Unit Card and Increased Deployment Zones mods)
Napoleon Total Flags Mod
Drum Roll Change (cadences) all factions v5!
Larger Regimental Flags - Mod (NTW compatible)

I thank their creators below.

DARTH VADER (DarthMod Architect, AI and Gameplay Designer)
husserlTW (Campaign Master, Launcher Designer and Artwork Maker)

Special Thanks:
Marku for being a grand donator (he has gifted me the game and all DLC).
husserlTW for his modified Napoleon PFM, his launcher, his artwork, all his tools as well as his genius new campaigns.
TWCenter.NET for the excellent forum collaboration.,, for the very useful file hosting services.
Radius for his super useful "Rank by Fire" mod.
LochKopf for his Ultimate Sound Mod.
(combined work of "sgt_melin, Mech_Donald, Diggy, GeraldDuva, Pdguru")
taw for his always helpful mod tools and his collaborating spirit.
The Hedge Knight for helping taw and for all around help.
Shokh for his superb musket sounds included in ACW mod.
General Andy for his quality musket sounds.
LtChampers, Erasmus777, The Vicar for the development of the PFM Tool.
T.C. for his very helpful version number mod.
Swiss Halberdier for his perfect AUM_NAP mod and Unit Pack Compatibility Language Project.
Sacrebleu! for his top quality additional Portugal, Spanish, Danish, Bavarian and Dutch units.
AClockworkOrange for his splendid MAUM (More Additional Units Mod).
md1453 for his massive Ottoman Unit Pack mod.
Pdguru for his exceptional Unit Pack mod.
Diamat for his great Saxon unit pack.
JustDoit8 for his realistic French revolutionary textures.
JFC for his quality Napoleon Total Flags mod.
La♔De♔Da♔Brigadier Graham for his realistic Drum Roll Mod.
riktherek for his Whiff of Sulphur mod from which I used as a base the artillery effects.
Albtraum23 for his very handy 40 unit card and increased deployment mods.
Julle Cesar for his discovery to enable more than 20 units in an army.
TheNewKing, agnes69, Marines, Centaure for the epic screenshots.
Primergy for the Large Regimental Flag Mod.
naxzul666 for his great promotional video.


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