Emperor Palpatine's new Galactic Empire swallows up the remnants of the Galactic Republic. Forcing entire species to be slaves. The Republic Remnant wages a losing battle against the Sith Lord's unstoppable forces. While Gizor Dellso unleashes a new droid war against the Empire, with both new and old technology found from a mysterious wreck on Mustafar.

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I'm not very impressed with this mod. But that doesn't mean I don't have hope for it. So far, there isn't anything I haven't seen before. And the Empire and the Rebels share the same units, which wasn't a good idea. At least I feel that way. You need new kinds of units. And I'm willing to help you model some new ones if you wish.

well the troops for the empire are okay. i mean i would rather have the zero troopers and commandos and snipers over storm troopers because one they are in two different groups and i thought it was cool at first than after playing a skirmish match to look at the factions i did not want to have storm troopers in my empire.

Amazing mod.I love the era and I hope you continue to improve the mod!




one of the best mods.
like Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Good mod. Can't wait for the newest release!

6 for try, well done

Nice but could be better!


very cool never seen this before


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