Darkness Enthralled Part 1: Back Tracking A new Neverwinter Nights series. "After awakening in a field surrounded by bodies, you struggle to regain your memories and understand what exactly happened to you the night prior. Plagued by odd nightmares and unexplainable coincidences, you begin to realize there is something sinister at work here. The town of Darren offers you a safe haven and a chance to take back what's yours from the Darkness that Enthralls around you." FEATURES: - A huge focus on environment and atmosphere in 70 areas. I didn't stop working on an area until I felt it met my highest expectations. - Unique creatures, items, and placeables like you've never seen. - 35 unique side quests, most of which chain multiple times. - 15,700 words of dialogue make up an unsuspectingly dramatic story with twists and turns that holds you in tight. - Creativity you won't see in any other series. DOWNLOAD IT through the NWVault!

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