Dark Reality: Twisted Nightmares (Chapter 1) - You are Edward McCalister, a lonely man who's life gets turned upside-down after witnessing his own wife get torn to shreds by an unknown man. That night, Edward started having hallucinations of that man and finds a threatening note in front of his door from him! Edward must escape and get somewhere safe, before his time runs out!

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teehe says

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It's a pretty good story


darkshadow334 says

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Got out of prison and into the dark tunnel and the ladder doesn't work and i stacked the 2 chairs so i could click on door and the door doesn't work either


PuerNomine says

This mod started poorly - the first map had way too many keys and was boring. But it rebounded and improved considerably after that. This ended up being one of the better mods I've played. Interesting story. Solid voice acting. A handful of really, really great scares. Some of the levels were too barren, but there were also some great innovations. I'm excited for the next part of the story.


Gaviao says

very good!!! everything is perfect in your custom story! i'm waiting for the part 2!


GoodGamePlayer says

Not bad at all! Overall rating 8. Very good storyline! But the level design was quite empty in some places. Could be better...never mind that.


G-H-O-S-T says

Dark Reality: Twisted Nightmares was a great custom story overall, and I could see that you put some time into this and paid attention to the little details, too.


Custom music
No "fetch quests"
Well-timed scares
Great ending


Could have been longer


Longer custom story


Iahmeeobop says

I had a good time playing this mod. The story was decent, maps were nicely detailed and there were a few nice scares. Voice acting could have used some more work though. There didn't seem to be as much emotion in some of the ones that read over the notes. I thought the ending was pretty good. Makes me look forward to Robert's Escape and France's Haunting.


AndrewAllStars says

May contain spoilers

Since this is your first Custom Story i have decieded to give you an 8/10. I shall weigh together the pro's and con's and write a conclusion as my personal opinion of the mod.


- Custom Music <3
- The CS had an interesting Storyline, albeit confusing at the end. It wasn't "WoW" or "Fantastic" but it was done well. I was confused at the end but i finally got my head round and understood it, nice work! Can't wait to see what happens next!
- Sufficient amount of oil and tinderboxes.
- I liked the feature you used to auto-open doors, it's just a nice change.
- The voice acting was decent. Next time perhaps a little more emotion would be good. If you note, one of the character's was addressing another one, who had murdered his wife. I personally don't think he would "say" his lines, but rather shout them or spout them out in disgust and hatred. ALSO - > The guy who was locked in the jail, now that was a really well done voice, clear, crisp and well presented, kudos to him!
- Although confusing and wierd, the ending where a Brute was on your side felt kinda awesome, even though it didn't really do anything.
- A couple of scares, particularly the Grunt in the closet.


- Quite short, but considering you have more "Parts" to come, this won't be viewed as a negative aspect of the CS.
- Most of the monster scares were predictable or not intimidating. You stated that wasn't part of the mod, but a MODDER should provide all aspects (Story, Scares, Thrills, Level Design) a game when creating a mod, especially for Amnesia. But as this was your first CS, the times you used them were effective, just perhaps a little slow.
- Some of the areas were quite bare and uninteresting to explore, but again this is your first CS so it's only up from here!


Personally i enjoyed this mod, it was short and sweet with an engaging story. Next time work upon your 'scare skills' while keeping the storyline as good, and it'll be awesome!


PotatoDoge says

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Awesome than criticism!


Really good, story line was great!

The only down side was the length, kind of short.

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It's a pretty good story

Jun 13 2013 by teehe

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