DANGER (Half-Life addon) ******************************** This mod is based on powerful Half-Life engine with many additions and changes! This HL addon includes: - 24 maps of singleplayer - new colored shell - new sounds - new crosshairs - new HUD sprites - new models - new textures STORY: Action is developed in two years after events original Half-Life. You are young scientist by name John Bekid, who arrives in Black Mesa to carry out the task of the heads. You send to east part of a complex where the group of people was gone. Soon you find one of them. It speaks you, that all other members of group have been seized by militarians and are in unknown prison. To make the way in this prison it is impossible because of new protection of militarians. The survived scientists will help you to disconnect protection... Project director Zemenko S. 11 may 20055

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10 iz 10 og gospade 10 iz 10

Beside the Russian dubbing (I had no idea what was going on) with no subtitles, the map design is very poor. Three minutes of playing and I had enough.


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это дерьмо еще имеет продолжение

Buggy, unbalanced and littered with seemingly pointless levels, weapons and files (Some of which aren't even used).

The mod should have been beta tested before release, and perhaps should have spent another year or two in development.

As it stands, it's very boring and bland compared to other half-life mods.


Didn't enjoy this one bit. :-(

not worth it...just too buggy


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