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Doom 4 For Doom is a mod for GZDoom, based around Doom 2016's weapons and monsters.

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A great, fun mod that brings the Doom 4 feel to the original Doom. While not perfect (there're still a few bugs here and there but nothing game breaking) it's already a very polished mod and beats Brutal Doom for me in the fun department.


what i can say? i don't have a good PC to play Doom 4, and now with this MOD... good heavens! I don't even think to be more happy than i am now! good job and thank you all, guys, who make this mod a reality! ^^




I have played through TNT and Hell on Earth Starter Pack with this WAD and I have some things to say.

While it is fun to play, there are some really bad balancing. Mostly with the Repeater and Static Rifle. They are overpowered.

Static Rifle is very common to find in first levels and it is powerful enough without the upgrades to fight against enemies like the Baron and Mancubus in early levels, but thats not even a thing compared to how overpowered this weapon becomes if you fully upgrade it. You can even play with this weapon for the rest of the WAD you're playing. Just fully upgrade it. See how powerful it becomes.

Repeater is also very common in early game. While its primary fire isn't a big deal, secondary fire is extremly powerful. Yes, it spends 10 ammo but its fire rate is incredible and the damage of that little fire is just devastating.

I generally avoid using these weapons in my playthroughs as I find them ridiculous.

Another bad gameplay design I have noticed is the fact that Glory Kills give you more credit... Why? This is a very stupid decision. It forces the player to always shoot a demon until it glows, because of this you would want to use the pistol more often if you want money in the early levels because shotgun one shots everything in early levels. It forces the player to use weapons that they don't want to use otherwise they will be left out on a much faster upgrading process throught the campaign.

Speaking of Glory Kills, the Berserk Pack is also extremly overpowered. Once you have it, you just run around the level with it, you should just give the powerup a time limit.

Grenades should really have more cooldown, they can be spammed like crazy and Hologram makes every combat dull and boring. Unlike Doom 4, Demons never attack you if there is a hologram, which makes the combat, as I said; dull and boring. I avoid hologram along side the Repeater and Static Rifle.

Demon Transformations, are so goddamn cool. They are done extremly right. I have nothing to say about them.

Sometimes there can be a glitch in the game that can actually take away all your guns and currency as if starting you from the beginning. This accured to me many times and it really makes you angry or sad.

Gun upgrades are much more balanced than Doom 4. Where, in Doom 4, I find myself rarely using HMG's scope but in here, its extremly useful, makes me really consider which one should I buy first.

Monsters are well done, but I do prefer using Phobos' addon pack for D4D, since it actually makes monsters look like their Doom 4 counterparts with some very cool balance in look with Doom 1-2's art style.

And here are 2 things that I would very much like:
Chainsaw Glory Kills:
Just do it like normal Glory Kills, if its not easy to make that then let us know.

Of course, runes should be added. They give players their decisions on how to play the game in their style. You guys can even think of new ones like Glory Kills give you random ammo or something like that. You can also put the Rune locations along with the backpacks, or the way I prefer it, make them drop from demons.

Gameplay is... well, I'm not so sure if its more fun than Doom 4. But if the things I have mentioned above gets resolved then I can very easily say that this mod is much better than Doom 4.

I have voted for this mod even though it has some flaws, but I believe in you guys that you will continue perfecting this mod.


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It's LITERALLY Doom(4) in Doom. Congratulations for this amazing piece of art!


One of the best recent mods. The weapon selection/mechanics really adds a lot to the gameeplay. Hope it continues getting worked on, has a lot of potential.

See for your self




Great fun

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A great, fun mod that brings the Doom 4 feel to the original Doom. While not perfect (there're still a few bugs here and there but nothing game breaking) it's already a very polished mod and beats Brutal Doom for me in the fun department.

Jul 20 2016 by EnZuLian