Previously known as the 'Faction Fronts Mod', Clear Skies is a large scale modding initiative, to re-design and expand S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. With the umbrella motive of creating a realistic, graphically superior and entertaining hybrid of the original game concept. Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to offer, along with the personal works of members from 828 studios. Clear Skies is an all inclusive package, designed towards a single vision, with a consistent level of quality and attention to detail.

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Clear Skies is a project with the intention of taking xray 1.5 as far as it can go in terms of graphics, given the resources we have. However while we are motivated to create some breathtaking visuals we do not forget those of you who do not have expensive, high performance systems. Clear Skies will have 3 'Tiers' of settings that can be choose from:

Extreme, which will only function with Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting (DirectX 10). It will deliver the highest quality that this mod can possibly provide. Featuring: Ultra resolution Sky-Boxes, Custom .ltx settings delivering maximum quality, Full array of new and enhanced Shaders, High Resolution textures and injected (SMAA) Anti-Aliasing.

Normal, which will be intended for Objects Dynamic Lighting, Full & Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting (DirectX 9). Featuring: High resolution textures & Sky Boxes, custom .ltx settings, and some of the new Shaders which can function in the DirectX 9 renderer, along with additional Shaders specially re-engineered to help improve the frame rate.

Performance, Intended for users with low end gaming PC's or laptops which are unable to handle the stress of Xray 1.5 in Dynamic Lighting modes. This preset is intended for Static Lighting (DirectX 8) and will feature: some reworked shaders, down scaled textures and skyboxes, and a .ltx profile that will help deliver the best quality to frame rate rate ratio.

Each one of the presets will be a simple check box in the installer version or a straightforward copy paste job in the archived release. Also if you are concerned Clear Skies will run poorly on your system, we can reassure you that it has been designed with performance in mind and likely depending on ram and video memory will not drop your frame rate significantly.

I have been testing the mod on my mid range gaming rig using the extreme preset (DX10.1) with positive results:

Intel I5 3470 (3.6ghz)
8gb DDR Ram
Gigabyte GTX-560Ti (Overclocked)
19" Monitor @ 1440 x 900

Average : 80fp