Dumb thing I made as a kid. Download Clear Sky Mod Pack 2019 from the downloads page.

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I love the collaboration between the mods but for some reason my game crashes when I try to shop.

From what I've downloaded of the mod pack, this thing is great. It encompasses all I ever really wanted out of Clear Sky.

However, two things keep this down to an 8 than a 10.

Firstly, there are no pistol ironsights. Those could have carried over from several other mods, and have made the mechanics more realistic.

Second, the ragdoll physics are a bit much. I've shot people with the birdshot and they fly about 10 meters.

That is all.

Great mod compilation, featuring the best mods for Clear Sky. Definitely a great modification for those who want improved graphics, better atmosphere and bigger variation of weapons.


Really good modification with various improvements and realistic gameplay. One point less for the missing description files for the additional weapons


Ercanx says

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Definitely a must mod for Clear sky! truly amazing.



the best mod of the world!!


What Clear sky should have been released as. Just note that the difficulty is ramped up quite a bit when compared to vanilla when playing on master so its not for your average gamer. Definently a mod a true STALKER fan can appreciate. Good job.


Congratulations , its an amazing job .


BushkaNick21 says

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