Crossfire continues the epic adventures of Edison Trent. Get ready for a brand new experience in a breathtaking and extraordinary environment. This mod is the unofficial sequel to Freelancer with the most stunning graphics and worlds you have ever seen. Jump into an atomspheric universe full of surprises, challenges incredible adventures. Experience the awesome gameplay, highest quality and unique features of Crossfire. With several hundred thousand downloads, four Mod Award Nominations and it's very large fan community Crossfire has developed to one of the most favorite Singleplayer and Multiplayer mods for Freelancer.

willytilly says

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I love the tune up to the area and especially to Trent himself. But i find that with the increase in difficulty, space battles in SP take a very long time. This i can deal with as it makes the battles themselves more interesting and unpredictable.

However i find myself getting annoyed during the first mission that character Beta 4 is destroyed before i've managed to kill 1 enemy. This happens over and over most tries lasting under a minute resulting in me quitting the game. If players are forced to play on a difficulty they would not set themselves, the allied AI or at least equipment which allies use should be adapted to coupe with the extra strain of being blasted by a harder foe. Personally I haven't been killed yet on SP and I could handle being killed as that allows me to try new tactics against the enemy. But when I get mission failed due to a failure of the AI which no adaption to my tactics can solve.

I also find the lack of a pause button annoying due as it means that i cannot stop for anything during a battle as it could result in my characters death.

This is why I am only scoring this a 5/10. I can see that many other people disagree with me and I feel that this could be a mod that I would really enjoy. Before reaching the stone wall that is Beta 4 i was enjoying it. I was even looking forward to flying the new ships. But until this issue is solved I will not be playing Crossfire 1.9 again. I may download 2.0 to see what alterations have taken place. And I hope that this review is taken into consideration.

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Crossfire is the best looking Freelancer mod. Hard to believe that this game was released seven years ago.

Nov 17 2010 by Naddy