Welcome to Cross of Iron, a Company of Heroes modification that aims for a better gameplay experience without making significant changes to the original CoH gameplay.

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Really love the mod because the original damage system


love it....


It has a lot of pros and only a few cons. but not worth listing them. mod is dead.


Cool balanced,fluid gameplay.

Too sad, this masterpiece went out of development rather too early :(


a very good original mod with some models from the battle of the bulge ( the more the better as BotB turns out o be my favorite mod of all time!. It replaces the PE with a very similar waffen SS with a variety of new cool units like the nashchorn or the pak 40. I really enjoy using the new units and revised doctrines. the damage system is similar to the vanilla one but with longer ranges and slightly more damage. A very enjoyable mod, not amazing but very enjoyable. It has 1 replacement unit for each faction which is not enough. for that it gets a well deserved 9/10

This is unbelievable. You guys finally made this game not broken. It seemed like after Opposing front came out their was nothing but broken combat- this finally fixed it. The new Wehrmacht is simply fantastic. The balance of each unit feels more fluid in combat and even the tanks feel more realistic. Armour is much easier to lose which makes them not seem like impossible targets early game and late combat is terrifying with the additional units available on both sides. I was almost waiting for a re-tweaking mod like this, as I've never bought anything past the original company of heroes (which always felt the most balanced just before the patches for Tales of Valor and Opposing front. Thank you for making this wonderful mod. Its breathed life into my stale experiences and now its a lot more interesting to just play.


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Great mod !

good mod like how u made the waffen ss a faction with some new units and abilities and skins but u need to have a diffrent damage system to make it more realistic

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