Crisis of the Confederation is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, allowing the player to take the role of a military officer, politician, or crime lord amidst the chaotic political upheavals of the 31st century. It is set in an original science-fiction setting inspired by Fading Suns, Warhammer 40,000, Dune, and Foundation.

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Ck2 in space. Is impossible to rate this masterpiece.

didn't CK2 did went to space in their newer game?


A near whole-year later and the mod still trumps above the rest


Hayst says

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Has lots of problems that said its my favorite total conversion mod for ck2. Lots of new backstory in an original space story.

Squeezes the CK2 scripting for every last bit of potential juice :)
More people should know about this mod!


well it's good mod very good the bad point is the ambitions and way of life is not fully complete if it's complete it's just more that 10 / 10 hope that development works this out love this game mod i mean :D


I love this mod, it's a fresh face for CK and has an intriguing backstory!

Couple issues though, I'm sure they'll be ironed out.
1. Game crashes when I try to resign to the Main Menu. Dunno why. Is there a more detailed list of DLC I should avoid? I have a lot.
2. I want to build Tunnelers and achieved the research level in Hyperspace, but I need to build Solar I next but it says a requirement is "Never." I don't know what that means. Is it impossible to build the Tunneler Factory at this stage of the Beta?

Okay I just found a MASSIVE problem with the mod. I'm being ordered to carry out a military campaign against another nation but there's one issue. ALL MY SYSTEMS ARE OCCUPIED BY SAID NATION! And my liege won't stop ordering them! I'm caught in a damned infinite loop of auto-surrender campaigns that has sent my Prestige into the TOILET! The only way out I see is murdering my liege to inherit the country and make push them out!

Two points lost devs, and two things that gotta be fixed. One, that nonsense. Two, my damned liege not supporting me even though it's his war too.

An excellent and bold concept, wonderfully implemented. You can play as a space-pirate, president of the Terran Confederation, any of the separatist systems in the outer rim attempting to gain independence, or a plethora of other characters in the universe.
Obviously this is only in a very early beta state, so it's lacking a bunch of extra features. In its current state, it includes the ability to dissolve the senate, stage a coup, clone yourself; or even give yourself cybernetic implants.
At the moment the only playable scenario lacks some balance, and parts of it can be buggy and cause crashes. But, being an early beta, that's to be expected. I really like this mod, and I'm excited for future updates.


Awesome mod and it has custom models like space ships and other gfx stuff. It is also a very ambitious mod and it gets better by every update that is released.


Great mod due to it's drastic changes to the base game by making it not even be about a single planet (unless you're playing as the Solarians or something, in which case it actually is all about a single planet) but about a part of our entire galaxy, with entirely new models for units, new religions, new mechanics and much more!

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Ck2 in space. Is impossible to rate this masterpiece.

Oct 1 2014 by TheScreamingBacon