Everbody knows [CS:S] Counterstrike Source! It´s release was on 16th of november in the year 2004. For about 5 years no significant optical changes were made. And that´s the point the studio starts... - total conversion of all standard maps - new hires player models - new hires weapons models - mod uses updated orangebox engine

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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The CounterStrike afterSource Development team is looking for a level designer, wo can mapping some maps for us. If you are interested, you have to be:

- Experience with the Hammer Editor
- Doing own Textures and Models for the Map
- Own imagine of reamking your favourite Maps

About the project:

Everybody knows "Cinematic Mod" created by Jürgen "FakeFactory" Vierheilig, so this studio aims to to create a totally new and improved Counter Strike (based on OB-Engine).

in detail:

- Remaking all CS-Maps
- Remaking all Weapons
- Reamking all Models

Even if you don't meet the criteria above, but feel you have a skill to offer to us, feel free to contact us at the email address given (don't forget to send previous examples of your work!).

You can see our moddb page at "https://www.moddb.com/mods/counterstrike-aftersource"

To Apply

Send an application to templater@mapgate.eu

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