2 1/2 of the makers of the L4D(2) mod Dead Before Dawn went solo and created THE CORE.

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THE CORE Patch 1.1 is now available for release and is a significant update which contains both extra content and bug fixes!

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Message from GLaDOS:

Due to a general referendum, we regret to inform you that the aperture science section sigma 8 designated for testing with the aperture intelligence enhancement matrix is temporarily out of service. The aforementioned section will undergo scheduled maintenance as per this instance.

Aperture aesthetic quality asssurance associates and global test chamber entanglement and aesthetic mitigation agents from our facility have inspected the afore mentioned section and it will be improved using the implementation of the following parameters:

Aperture Testing Initiative Enhancement and Maintenance Protocol enhancement criteria:


  • custom signs are now self illuminated
  • All maps now have correct reflections (cubemaps)
  • improvements in some map detail design trough-out the levels
  • updated essential mod file to support directx 8
  • fixed exit doors not closing behind the player in some maps (except for the nightmare elevator)
  • Installer package now fetches for sourcemod dir in the windows registry
  • Chapters now also show their titles in-game

Map 1: (chapter 1: Angular Reality)

  • replaced bts arms in sky-box with decoration lights to optimize performance on low memory bandwidth video cards
  • More "ratman den" decoration to make it look less dull

Map 2: (Chapter 2: A New Companion)

  • moved back the catwalk which is sometimes blocking start catapult movement direction
  • fixed further texture misalignments
  • BTS decoration arm lights were pointing the wrong way

Map 3: (Chapter 3: The Shrine)

  • prevented placement of portals outside the shrine until THE CORE is removed from the altar
  • redesigned the top of the shrine room
  • redesigned shrine entry to be slightly more atmospheric
  • fixed misaligned ceiling texture near gel and excursion funnel area
  • jump panels of the second room now activate when the player enters
  • fixed some Z-fighting props in the jump room BTS area
  • fixed unfinished look of blobulator spawn area above the gel dropper
  • made the pneumatic diversity exit vent more responsive to THE CORE
  • puzzle indicators for tractor beam will now match it's direction color
  • New puzzle in the shrine

Map 4: (Chapter 4: Deadly Intermezzo)

  • extruded glass near "bowling turret" to reduce the chance of blockages when it's tippled over
  • reworked some brushwork in maze area
  • removed ability to place portals in maze area to avoid players skipping the maze entirely

Map 5: (Chapter 5: Euthanazation Vault)

  • decorated the jump hall with extra brushwork and models
  • fixed env_projectedtexture
  • core goodbye line should be a triggered once only
  • texturized laser power control room interior in case that players portal in there
  • prevented players from going trough the tractor beam generator prop
  • sanitized the puzzle around the tractor beam alcove with an escape platform and emancipation grill

Map 6:: (Chapter 6: CatapultClysm)

  • added bonus map
  • 1.1b: Fixed GLaDOS announcement triggering multiple times.

Map 7: (Chapter 7: Round Tangent)

  • added extra models and brushwork to prevent players spotting the ceiling of the right side entry bts area when crouched.
  • prevented "cutting the race" glitch by replacing core receptacle tube piece with an iris
  • overhauled design of the small test room for a less dull look and removed shallow water areas
  • fixed small room exploit where players could jump & hop the core inside the glass window without having to fling it
  • fixed ability to place a portal on the second fling platform for the CORE race puzzle
  • changed main test room acid texture to the correct deadly slime look
  • corrected misaligned light spots on the exit hatch area
  • removed map prototype GLaDOS power off event in exit area
  • placed exit hatch override in case the player manages to "forget" THE CORE and left it being on the race exit socket
  • gave breakable glass a visually broken style so it seems more obvious that you can break it.
  • fixed succeeded wallprojector puzzle indicators showing unsolved state for the sphere when it is put into the socket for a second time

To experience the changes in the facility you may download a draft demonstration of our upgrade to your personal station for evaluation. Let's continue testing!


Downloading it now. :D

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