Conquest is a single player mod for Quake. There are several outstanding features, some of which are done already (such as the shop, shielding, and many weapons), others aren't. As always, visit the homepage occasionally for updates. Shop ==== There's a shop in town that's always open. You can buy and sell weapons, ammo, shields, and items, and convert gold to credits. There are also other shops located in various locations around each level (and you can heal yourself there, though the inn is much cheaper), but their prices are slightly higher. You can navigate the shop menus using the arrow keys to move the selection around, and pressing attack and jump/altfire to select or cancel. Weapons ======= You have 5 slots for holding weapons. You can buy whatever weapons you want, and even buy a weapon multiple times. In fact, you can buy 5 railguns if you can afford it; however, it's beneficial to have a variety of weapons so you can deal with whatever shielding the enemy...

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This is a great mod that plays just like a roguelike role playing game! Indise each level and also between the levels (at the town) you can upgrade your weaponry and equipment for gold. You must do it often, because you get a hit chance percentage of succesfully hitting an enemy each time you fire your gun. All enemies are much harder to beat now and most will need many hits. There is also a health bar above every enemy so you know the results of your hits. Overall a great mod that is as close to an rpg a quake mod can get.


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