"It begins at an unknown facility. Clearly you've forgotten what happened. But as you walk around, you slowly remember your surroundings. You're in fact just one out of hundreds whom have been taken away. But why?"

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This guy will be one of the top CS builders!

Good job man!

9.5 - 10


rikmac says

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Enjoyed this CS, all be it a bit short. Bit annoyed by the fact it took me an aged to figure out the elevator bit and then..... well lets just say i had the whole twitchy eye thing going on, roll on part 2.

It's damn good one so far.


for a demo this custom story was actually really good, the first and third puzzle's where something i have never seen before and the parts after where pretty damn scary. to top it off the sound after putting the coal in the burning was damn right chilling.


sweetsnow73 says

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Really amazing details, wonderful set up.
My major complaint is that the monsters don't let up at all which is bad when you aren't very skilled at opening the doors and have to re start the same intense chase scene over and over. In the regular game they slow down or back off a bit to give you a head start the more you die and that didn't happen here. Over all this a really well put together, loved the voice acting and the music.


No ******* informations about How to find this ******* grease !! Stuck for 40 min ! Must to find the solution on Youtube. Sorry but, to much time lost...

OMG SUPER FREAKY EXPECIALLY WITH HEADPHONES! AWESOME STORY!!!!!!! I would recommened it to be longer though, alot of people say its short.



I really liked the detail, but it was too short, and I'd like to see more creations from you :)

Only got to play for about 30-40 mins cause I got stuck! But what I played I really enjoyed sent a private message, hope I get an answer soon, I wanna get back to playing! Keep up the great work!!!

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This guy will be one of the top CS builders!

Good job man!

9.5 - 10

Aug 14 2012 by DnALANGE