"It begins at an unknown facility. Clearly you've forgotten what happened. But as you walk around, you slowly remember your surroundings. You're in fact just one out of hundreds whom have been taken away. But why?"

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Short explanations of what you should do in the different puzzles that hinder you.

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First Puzzle:
Put one of the limbs from the pile of corpses onto the pedestal.
Second Puzzle:
To gain the oil required for the lever, you must enter the room with the four wooden beams right after the door. Inside that room, the wooden beams are holding up a huge hole, which a pipe passes through. That pipe is one of the weak, old oil pipes, noted in the note. It's frail, so just throw stones on it, and it'll break. After that you can extract oil from the leak created. The preview picture is of that hole.
Third Puzzle:
After putting coal into the burner, starting the machinery and then leaving the area, it will say "Someone stopped the machinery." To prevent this you must lock the door with the key you found at the table. And that's all. :D
Fourth Puzzle:
In order to operate the elevator shaft, you must gain access to steam-power. After turning on the machinery, you unfortunately do not posses unlimited steam, making it necessary to redirect the steam so that it'll work for the right elevators.
Inside "The Control Room Halls" (written on a hanging sign), you will find "The Control Room" in which there are machines running. Since that's all fine, you only have to find the crank to redirect the steam.
As according to the Note acquired, the crank is "up the ladder". Unfortunately though, due to a lack of maintenance, the ladder has collapsed. So instead you have to stack boxes to reach the crank on the big ass Pipe.

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